Red Apple for Peace

Red Apple for Peace
Red Apple for Peace
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In the Chinese language, the word for apple, which is “ping”, sounds very similar to the word for “peace”. Hence, the red apple is a symbol for unity, reconciliation and harmony.

In the Western culture, the Apple is a symbol of fertility, abundance, ecstasy as well as love. Greek mythologies has it that apples were gifted by Gaia to Hera at her wedding to Zeus to signify everlasting union and love. Another one told that the Greek God of wine Dionysus won Aphrodite's heart over by offering her apples. The Apple also symbolizes feminine beauty and love.

In 2018, the #3 Quarrelsome Flying Star flies into the NE, affecting Ox and Tigers. This hostile star creates angry and argumentative energy, and has been known to bring lawsuits or legal matters, as well as major disagreements that could cause friction between families or in business. Place the Red Apple waters in the NE to conjure the power that dissipates tension and brings peace and harmony.

Those whose bedroom is in the NE sector, those born in a Tigers and Ox year, and all children but particularly the youngest son in a family would be wise to keep this Feng Shui remedy in the NE sector - to maintain peace between the young and their elders. 

In 2019, the #3 Flying Star flies into the South (affecting Snakes, Horses and Sheep) and 2020 it settles in North (affecting Rats, Ox and Boars).

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