Monthly Flying Star Forecast Nov


November to December 2020 - Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast 2020
10th Month of the Metal Rat Year

Pay attention to the South sector as the Illness Star and Hostile Star meet here.

There are two numbers in each of the nine grids in the Monthly Flying Star chart below. The larger number represents the annual flying star and the smaller number represents the monthly star.

The luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to every member of the family/workplace if the maindoor or the door most often used of the house or office is located in that particular sector or facing that direction. For example, if you maindoor is located in the North sector or your property faces North, then every household member or occupant of the office will experience the kind of luck indicated in the North sector for the entire month. So always pay close attention to the flying stars of your maindoor's location and facing direction of your home, although the other rooms such as the living room and bedrooms are important too, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. The energy carried in by the flyings stars of these rooms only affects people who occupy them frequently.

You will also be affected by the star visiting your zodiac animal sign's home location. Table below shows the home location of each zodiac sign. For example, the Rat is affected by the stars in the North sector, the Monkey is affected by the stars in Southwest, and so on.

Rat North Horse South
Ox Northeast Sheep Southwest
Tiger Northeast Monkey Southwest
Rabbit East Rooster West
Dragon Southeast Dog Northwest
Snake Southeast Boar Northwest


We also provide some suggestions of Feng Shui cures to remedy or minimize the negative influence of the inauspicious flying stars as well as Feng Shui enhancers and lucky charms that can be used to further tap into the energy of auspicious ones and maximize the wonderful possibilities of the month. Knowing in advance the locations of the stars enables you to easily make the necessary arrangement to make the best out of every month.

The placements of monthly Feng Shui cures can be moved around from month to month. For instance, a cure against the monthly misfortune star #5 can move from sector to sector to track the misfortune star. However, the annual cure for the misfortune star must stay where it is placed at beginning of the year.

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Feng Shui 2020 Flying Star Chart July
Nov 7, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020

November Monthly Flying Star 2020 Chart


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNortheast - The #2 Illness Star haunts this sector this month bringing sickness energy. The youngest son, tiger and ox will especially be affected, or if your maindoor or bedroom is here. Place a Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity or Golden Feng Shui Bagua Wu Lou (6 inches) in the sector. Carry the Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet Keychain for protection or wear a Mini Tortoise Shell Dzi with Phantom Quartz Bracelet. Avoid spending a lot of time in this sector is possible, especially those who are pregnant, ill or aged.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouth - The clashing energies here could attract gossips, backstabbing, disagreements, verbal assaults and slandering which may lead to serious lawsuits. Misunderstandings and arguments may arise for no reason. Tension and stress may occur in relationships. Do not generate excessive activities or noise here. Remove all windchimes here for this month. The Horse, middle daughter, or those with maindoor or bedroom in the South should beware. Place a Feng Shui Fire Red Ball or Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple here and carry a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain or Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star. Wear the Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorth - Those in the fields of communication, academic or creativity will see some accomplishment. This star also bodes well for businesses in sales and marketing as networking luck is boosted. Place a 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda or Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success to enhance it. Students should carry a Scholastic Amulet Keychain (Red). Love and romance luck is enhanced however the excess wood energy may cause infidelity and romantic scandals. Display Banner of Love Kurulkulle Flag here and carry a 9 Tailed White Fox Amulet Keychain


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouthwest - The malicious #5 Yellow Star brings bad luck of all kinds and continual stress brought by financial crisis, accidents, serious sickness, betrayal in the family or in business. In the SW, it affects those born in the year of the Sheep, Monkey and matriarch, as well as those with their bedroom or maindoor located here. Productivity will plummet due to the negative energy present and opportunities are scarce. Place the Feng Shui cure Five Element Pagoda With Om Ah Hum (10 inches) or 6 inch Five Element Pagoda here. Carry a Five Element Pagoda Keychain with Om Ah Hum or Metal Feng Shui Stupa Amulet Hanging. Refrain from making too much noise (tv, radio, party, renovation etc) in this sector.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationEast - Mentor luck is good for residents who sleep or have their maindoor or bedroom in this sector this month. Likewise for the Rabbit and first son. Enjoy good fortune and windfall from heaven luck brought by the monthly #6 Heavenly flying star. It will also summon career advancement and business success luck. Boost its energy with Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman or Buddha's Foot Windchime. Carry a Heaven Seal Amulet with Chinese Character Heaven. There are indications health problems related to the liver, pancreas, limbs and tongue. Wear a Mini Tortoise Shell Dzi with Phantom Quartz Bracelet and carry a Metal Wulou with Fan and Mantra Amulet.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSoutheast - Burglary Star #7 flies into this sector bringing possibility of deceit, betrayal, theft and conflict for people who spend a lot of time in this sector, Dragon, Snake and eldest daughter. Place the Blue Elephant and Rhino With Talisman Feathers and Anti-Robbery Amulet or Anti Robbery Plaque here to remedy it. Excess of metal energies here could bring threats of bloodshed, accident and injuries so be careful when handling sharp metallic instruments. Carry the Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or Anti Robbery Amulet with Blue Rhino & Elephant. Try not to quarrell unnecessarily or aggravate anyone. Stick the Anti Burglary and Violence Window Stickers (2 pieces) around your house, especially if it faces Southeast.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationCenter - The auspicious Wealth Star #8 flies into the center this month bringing with it energy that attracts good fortune and career luck to everyone. If you keep a stiff upper lip and do not give up, there's a good chance of making a very positive financial returns in business. Display the Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God or Hooking Abundance Mirror here to boost the wealth bringing energy. Wear a Mini Money Hook Dzi with Yellow Chalcedony Bracelet or carry a Dragon and Rat Prosperity '8' Keychain. Relationships between young couples may move to a deeper level. Indication of accidents is present. Display a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn here.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorthwest - Enjoy good prosperity luck this month with positive monetary gain. The Dog, boar, male leader, patriarch and those residing in this sector will be blessed with good fortune energies. Also applies to NW facing houses. Good news will come pouring in. Career luck and business luck is fabulous - ideal time for organizing social events in this sector this month. Display a 9 Rank Badge Plaque or Yang Energy Amulet Plaque here to boost the Magnifying Star, which in turn multiply the annual wealth star #8. Carry a 9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Amulet. Generation gaps at home may cause discords and misunderstandings at home. Wear a Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant Necklace (Rose Quartz).


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationWest - The number of two stars add up to produce the sum of ten, hence the energy created here will become extra beneficial for progression in both career and financial pursuits. Business will thrive with good opportunities, investor or clientele. Fame luck beneficial to entertainers is enhanced. The Rooster, youngest daughter, west-facing houses or those with bedroom here are blessed by it. Display a Luo Han With Crab For Good Strategy & Business Luck or Red Windhorse for Success Luck here to capture the auspiciousness. Don't overwhelm or stress out yourself in your work though. Take a break once a while. Wear a Jade Good Fortune In-Front-Of-Eye Pendant or carry a Victory Banner Amulet Keychain and Sum-of-Ten Enhancer Amulet.



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