Marriage Saver Keychain

Marriage Saver Keychain
Marriage Saver Keychain
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Weight : 65.00g ( 0.14 lbs)
Dim: 1.5x2x0.25 in, Lgth 4.625 in (4x5x0.5 cm. 12 cm)
Material: Metal

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The Rooster and Amethyst is a good Feng Shui cure to protect against negative effects from the Star of External Romance or strong Peach Blossom Luck in your astrological luck or Paht Chee (Ba Zhi). Giving yourself and your other half a this keychain to carry will serve to be useful, as the Rooster is believed to help keep an eye open to eliminate the chance of third-party interference, to ensure your relationships (with a partner, colleagues, mother and daughter, friends etc.) or marriage stays enduring and to effectively potect against infidelity in marriages.

The Rooster will ensure troublemakers and gossip cannot sway your love for each other. In the office, this charm is said to greatly assist you by preventing backstabbing and office politicking, as well as keep luck with you and prevent betrayals that you didn’t see coming.

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