Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies

Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies
Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies Bejeweled Golden Mandarin Ducks on Peonies
SKU: SKU5120
Weight : 950.00g ( 2.09 lbs)
Dim: 4.375x3.5x3.25 in (11x9x8.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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These absolutely beautiful pair of Mandarin Ducks with Peonies coated in gold paint and studded with sparkling crystals, when placed in the near vicinity of their owners, will provide a loving environment, enhancing romance and relationship quality, with no chance of divorce, infidelity or marital misfortune. If the owner is single, the Mandarin Duck will enhance the chance of him or her finding their mate for life, creating marriage opportunities that will be everlasting.

The Mandarin Ducks are always portrayed in a pair; this is because of their real-life habits. These ducks are monogamous and mate for life, and when they lose their partners, they feel great grief and would pine away. They would never acquire new partner for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason that the Mandarin Ducks are a long-known and wide-spread feng shui symbol of love and success of marriage, one that is filled with devotion, adoration, loyalty and everlasting romance.

The Peony, also known as the “Mou Tan” in Chinese, is highly revered and regarded as the Queen of all flowers. In many ancient Chinese texts, the Peony plays a role in the romance of literature – it is for this reason that this fine-looking flower is a mark of feminine grace, romance and affection, and the vitality of young love. The Peony flower also holds huge symbolisms of sexual desire and entrancement.

Here are some Feng Shui tips on how to make the best use of this love charm:

1) For those who are married, placing the Mandarin Ducks on Peonies beside your bed is said to help your relationship stays strong and enduring. Your devotion to each other will be unperturbed by external influences.

2) According to Feng Shui Bagua Aspiration formula, the Mandarin Ducks on Peonies should be displayed in the Southwest sector (Romance Corner) of the living room, bedroom or office – this will increase luck in the areas of love, romance and marriage.

3) According to the Feng Shui Kua Theory by Lillian Too, placing these love charms in your Nien Yen (Romance) direction (in relation to your Kua Number) is believed to ensure a stable and solid marriage with many joyous years.

4) For those who are still single, placing this Mandarin Duck figurine beside your bed is said to help to summon a worthy and lasting partner.

5) Tying a strand of red string around the necks of the Mandarin Ducks is believed to create loyalty in your partner; this is because the act of tying the string symbolizes “tying the knot” of the relationship, keeping it together and safe. This prevents philandering husband or straying wife.

6) The Mandarin Ducks makes an excellent wedding gift

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