Mandala Wealth Sticker (2 pieces)

Mandala Wealth Sticker (2 pieces)
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The Wealth Mandala offers prosperity blessings when you stick them on the windows in your home, office or your car.

Buddhist Tibetan Mandalas is said to transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them. Gazing into the mandala is believed to awaken the creativity within us and inner spiritual eye, bringing out the greatest potential in ourselves and make us “see” everything in a different light, a brighter one. Everything around us becomes more positive and beautiful.

The meaning of the Mandala (“mon-dah-lah) is “circle.” It represents wholeness and reminds one of a relationship to infinity within body and mind. It represents the Earth, Sun, and Moon and the circle of life found with friends, family, and one’s community. Thus, the Mandala is circular in shape, to symbolize everlasting connection and life. Hindus were the first culture to use the Mandala as a spiritual tool, but more recently, Mandalas are made by Buddhists. Sacred temples and architecture in India and Tibet often feature artful Mandalas, and they are found in arts and crafts of all types.

In modern times, when Eastern philosophies are better known, the Mandala is more widely known and Mandala images are even featured in museums. Looking at a Mandala is believed to help awaken one’s inner eye, revealing the best way to manifest what enlightenment we need. It’s said that Mandalas awaken creativity and bring forth positive meditative energies, whether spiritual or otherwise. They are also said to be an instrument to obtain wealth.

Stick on the windows in your home, office or your car.

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