Pair of Mandarin Ducks of Loyalty Mobile Hanging

Pair of Mandarin Ducks of Loyalty Mobile Hanging
Pair of Mandarin Ducks of Loyalty Mobile Hanging
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Dim: 4.5 in Lgth (11.4 cm)
Material: Glass

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Hang this gorgeous love charm to enhance your love and romance luck, and to promote loyalty among couples.

Beautiful piece of mobile accessory made of pink glass boasting the symbol of a pair of Mandarin Ducks.

The Mandarin Ducks are essential for married couples, and so it provides for the perfect wedding gift. However, not only is it for those in love; singles who make use of the Mandarin Ducks will be benefiting their love life, too.

The Mandarin Ducks are always portrayed in a pair; this is because of their real-life habits. These ducks always habituate in couples, and will not seek a new partner when the other dies. It is for this reason that the Mandarin Ducks are a long-known and wide-spread feng shui symbol of joy and success of marriage, one that is filled with devotion, adoration, loyalty and everlasting romance.

The Mandarin Ducks charm is said to provide a loving environment, enhancing romance and relationship quality, with no chance of divorce, infidelity or marital misfortune. If the owner is single, the Mandarin Duck is believed to enhance the chance of him or her finding their mate for life, creating marriage opportunities that will be everlasting.

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