Ksitigarbha Fireball with Mantra Keychain

Ksitigarbha Fireball with Mantra Keychain
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Weight : 45.00g ( 0.10 lbs)
Dim: 1.25x2.25x0.1 in, Lgth 4.25 in (3.2x5.7x0.25 cm, 10.8 cm)
Material: Metal

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This flat Ksitigarbha Fireball symbol engraved with a Mantra is the ideal solution to repressing the effects of the malignant #3 Flying Star. The #3 Hostile Flying Star (Argumentative Star) is the origin of many problems, such as fights, verbal arguments, negative assertions, misunderstandings and lawsuits. These problems are also the root cause of many social issues, such as gossiping, backstabbing and the starting of nasty rumors. If this Feng Shui Star is not weakened, many relationships with be harmed from the excess stress and anxiety.

Keep the Ksitigarbha Fireball Key Chain whenever you can, to eliminate all negative energy. Because the Ksitigarbha Fireball Key Chain is a blend of both the Fire and Metal elements, it is an effective Feng Shui cure to repress the Wood properties of the #3 Hostile Flying Star.

All products from our Feng Shui shop are cleansed and infused with positive energy before shipping.

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