Golden Pagoda with Camel Keychain

Golden Pagoda with Camel Keychain
Golden Pagoda with Camel Keychain
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Dim: 1.625x1.5x0.125 in, Lgth 5.5 in (4.1x3.8x0.3 cm, 14 cm)
Material: Metal

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The special Feng Shui amulet keychain features a 7 level pagoda for repressing the Earth energy of the 5 Yellow misfortune star. At the back of it is embellished with 5 coins. In Taoism, this arrangement is used for overcoming the ill-effects of the 5 Yellow, and also to stabilize your cash flow.

On the other hand, the camel with two humps is used to aid financial difficulties and hard times. Since ancient times, the Camel has been a potent symbol of perseverance. This is because Camel could survive for weeks in the desert without needing to intake any addition food or water other than that which it had stored. Despite its own lack of need, it would assist the desert’s human inhabitants through the dry deserts; providing them with shade, milk, meat and transportation, the Camel became known to be a protector of the people, guiding them through exhausting endeavours and difficult journeys.

It is for these reasons that the Camel is seen as such a revered animal by Feng Shui followers. The Camel will serve very well to assist businessmen. For those whose careers are well on track, the Camel will safeguard both it and you from any betrayal or oppositional enemies. If your business is seeing bad time, the Camel will throw out the lifeline of luck, pulling your career out of the mud and helping it to prosper once again.

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