Golden Guru Rinpoche Keychain

Golden Guru Rinpoche Keychain
Golden Guru Rinpoche Keychain Golden Guru Rinpoche Keychain
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Dim: 2x2.5x0.5 in, Lgth 4.5 in (5x6.5x1.5 cm, 11 cm)
Material: Metal

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Guru Rinpoche, or also known as the Precious Guru, Padmasambhava or the Lotus Buddha was a sage guru during the 8th century. Before entering Nirvana, Lord Buddha Shakyamuni had announced in the Immaculate Goddess Sutra the coming of the "second Buddha", the great Guru Rinpoche. An emanation of Buddha Amitabha and the founder of the Tibetan Buddhism who tirelessly propagated the teaching to the world and influenced countless beings, this great master personifies the heart of Vajrayana Buddhism with his unprecedented degree of realization and spiritual powers. Credited with building the first monastery in Tibet, he is the embodiment of compassion, wisdom and activity of all the Victories Ones. Guru Rinpoche manifests in infinite form to enlighten all beings, whether human, spirits, gods or demons. His mantra is "Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum".

Carry this Guru Rinpoche keychain to dispel negative afflictions and help you accumulate karmic merit. Someone with sufficient karmic merit will achieve health, wealth, love and happiness in his or her life more effortlessly. Your prayers and wishes will be actualized a lot faster.

The Padmasambhava has the power to remove all kinds of hindrances, difficulties and obstales to a stable, prosperous and joyful life, especially to the Patriarchs when hung in the Northwest corner. He protects you from illness, physical and emotional danger, impurities, defilements and demons.


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