Kuan Kung on Horse

Kuan Kung on Horse
Kuan Kung on Horse Kuan Kung on Horse
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Kuan Kung us renowned as the 'Great Protecter', who defends politicians, businessmen and the Armed Forces.

Kuan Kung, the Chinese God of War, is shown as a majestic and mighty figure riding on a horse. He is adorned in decadent Dragon war robes and carries with him his super Dragon sword in his right hand.

The Kuan Kung is a very useful Feng Shui product for anyone to have; one of these groups is businessmen. When Kuan Kung is placed at the front reception desk facing outside, he is believed to help guard your establishment from embezzlement and con. In addition to this, he is said to help eliminate malignant chi and protect from competitors, providing your establishment with the chance to flourish and obtain monetary gain.

The Kuan Kung, because of his command and influence, is ideal for individuals in quest of authority in politics and office status. The figurine of Kuan Kung is suitable to be placed in many areas, be it your home, office or workplace.

Kuan Kung, originally known as Kuan Di, was one of China’s most prominent and successful war heroes. After many achievements, he was titled God of War, and bestowed with his new name (which is known to people today). He has become renowned as the “Great Protecter”, who defends politicians, businessmen and the Armed Forces. He is the bestower of equality, defending the guiltless and revered by the righteous. His use is highly recommended by Lillian Too, famous Feng Shui grandmaster and author, as he is reputed to even have the power to protect again thieves and supernatural spirits.

Because of his strong history as a major war lord and guardian, Kuan Kung is a desired symbol by businessmen; it is believed that placing Kuan Kung behind the desk or work area will always provide support and sustenance from prominent people. It is said that no malicious intents can pass by Kuan Kung, and so he is a representation of wealth-protection and safeguarding.

In Feng Shui, Kuan Kung is used in many ways to benefit the business and well-being of his beholder. Here are some Feng Shui tips on how to best reap his benefits:

1) In the home, Kwan Kong statue is most potent when displayed in the Northwest corner. In the office, simply place his image behind the desk or work area (optimum for those with immense power, such as managers, executives and politicians). Doing so will keep you guarded, preventing any betrayal or backstabbing.

2) In Asian countries, Kwan Kong is deeply revered by police forces and triads; they believe that he will provide them with triumph in their conquests.

3) For protection against embezzlement and con, as well as a enhanced sense of loyalty among colleagues and victorious business ventures, Kwan Kong must be placed within the workplace or shop, facing the entrance. Lillian Too, famous Feng Shui author, has said that she owes the business success of her boutiques to Guan Gong. Any establishment is believed to be able to flourish and prosper under his watchful eye, creating a sense of stability with the staff and integrity of employees.

4) Place Kwan Kong facing your main entrance to expose and repress anyone with evil intentions – all “Sar Chi” (killing breath) and negative chi will be eliminated, reflected by Kwan Kong’s violent demeanour.

5) According to the Feng Shui Bagua Eight Aspirations Formula, displaying Kwan Kong in the Northwest corner of your living room or office will create Mentor Luck – this is because Kwan Kong presents confidence and success, nurturing those who seek to be leaders. Mentor Luck, Nobleman Luck or "Gui Ren" luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during times of distress, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be there to listen. Doing so will also ensure unity and calm for the family to function, as well as protect the patriarch from any harm.

*Note* While praying to Kuan Kung is not a must, he should still be treated with the utmost respect. Never place his figure in the bedroom, in the kitchen or on the floor.

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