Fuk Luk Sau Faceted Glass

Fuk Luk Sau Faceted Glass
Fuk Luk Sau Faceted Glass Fuk Luk Sau Faceted Glass Fuk Luk Sau Faceted Glass
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Weight : 350.00g ( 0.77 lbs)
Dim: 1.6x1.9 in (each) (Dia. 4x4.8 cm)
Material: Glass

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Three high-quality faceted oval-shape crystal beautifully inscribed with the Chinese character for Fuk Luk Sau.

Fuk Luk Sau are three of the most well-known and highly revered Deities among the Chinese. Fuk (God of Blessings), Luk (God of Prosperity) and Sau (God of Longevity) are together a very powerful team, and took it upon themselves to ensure that all deserving mankind was peaceful and happy. Initially, these three deities were known as the “Three Star Gods”; this was due to the fact that they used to be shimmering stars in the sky, which were a representation of the three values that mankind was always after.

The Fuk Luk Sau or “Three Lucky Immortals”, are a very popular symbol to display in Asian homes or offices. They are also highly demanded by those in positions of high power, such as government officials or politicians, because the Fuk Luk Sau is believed to bring authority, success, fame and fortune.

These three star gods together are a representation of inner harmony; they will bring unity to your family and endless good fortune to the residents of the house. The Fuk Luk Sau are not prayed to, but they must still be revered and respected.

Look dashing on your work desk.

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