Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian

Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian
Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian Colorful 3 Celestial Guardian
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Dim: Average 5.5x2.5x4.5 in each (13.9x6.4x11.4 cm)
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Place this cure in the sector facing the Three Killings to prevent misfortune related to relationships, money and reputation loss.

These three colorful celestial guardians are a specific feng shui cure for remedying the effects of the dreaded three killings or Saam Saat. The three guardians include the Chi Lin, Piyao and Fu Dog, whose strong protective powers will thwart the potential for loss of loved ones, wealth or reputation.

The three killings, also called San Sha, is known in feng shui as a very hostile energy that changes locations every year according to the positions of the stars. If you have an entrance, door or big window in the area affected by the three killings or if you regularly sit with your back facing to that direction (particularly in the office) it is most recommend that you remedy the malignant energy by facing the three divine guardians toward it. You should also do that if you have the Three Killings in your bedroom.

Each of the three celestial guardians has a very powerful and revered protective force.

Chi Lin are comprised of a very dynamic combination of some of the most auspicious characteristics of animals known in Feng Shui. They are said to walk on both land and water. They have the head of a dragon, scales of a carp, the body of a horse and a tail of of little curls. The dragon head of the majestic chi lin shares the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon, while the steadfastness of the horse body conveys strength, upward mobility and loyalty. The scales of the carp cover this symbol with the energy of wealth and abundance. It is said that anyone who looks into the chi lin’s eyes will be brought happiness and good fortune. Also called the dragon horse, the combined symbolic effects of the magnificent, empowering traits of the chi lin include: ambition, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, sound well-being and great endurance. They protect the owner with great loyalty.

Fu dogs are loyal protectors with the ferocity of the lion. Tradition depicts them as the guardians of the gates of heaven, able to perceive those with good or bad intentions. They are known to have the power to eliminate negative chi. Their power is strong in neutralizing or deflecting the dreaded shar chi or poison arrows that come off of sharp corners, busy traffic routes pointed toward you, hospitals, police stations, schools and imposing structure like a lamp posts or telephone booths. Because fu dogs were traditionally made out of bronze in very large castings - bronze being a very expensive material - they are known as symbols of wealth and majesty. In buddhism lions are known for being the guardians of dharma.

The Pi Yao is one of the most favored symbols of feng shui next to the dragon. It is a bringer of 8 great blessings (good news, earth luck, wealth, safety, overcoming great obstacles, windfall luck, protection during travel and appeasement of the grand duke Jupiter) known as the ninth son of the heavenly dragon and most auspicious creature of luck in wealth. Pi Yao’s are especially useful for those who have recently moved or renovated. The Pi Yao can draw wealth from all directions. It has a unique digestive system that never defecates and has a fierce hunger for silver and gold. This symbolizes that the Pi Yao can take in great amounts without ever losing anything.

The three guardians will most powerfully and loyally serve to deter the energy of the three killings. Together their energy is also a great bringing of wealth luck and good fortune in feng shui.

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