Scholar On Dragon Carp

Scholar On Dragon Carp
Scholar On Dragon Carp Scholar On Dragon Carp Scholar On Dragon Carp Scholar On Dragon Carp
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Weight : 1,400.00g ( 3.09 lbs)
Dim: 6x4.875x4.5 in (15x12.5x11.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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This item depicts the Scholar with Dragon Carp plus Four Symbols of Scholarship – the book, scroll, calligraphy brush and the flute - all welcome symbols to encourage success in exams and all matters pertaining to education and studies. In Chinese culture, the Dragon Carp is seen as the primary symbol of success, as it leaps the heavenly Dragon Gate. Stories tell of one brave carp who swam upstream against the powerful force of the Yellow river. He fought his way over waterfalls and rocks all the way to the source, to pass through the Dragon Gate. He was rewarded by being transformed into a dragon. In Feng Shui dragons are the ultimate symbol of good luck.

The power of this item is believed to guide a student through their academic studies while also preparing them for a successful career after graduation. In the year 2020, the item should be placed in the Southwest sector (location of the #4 Literary Star) of the room where studying occurs. It is filled with feng shui energy to intensify study luck for all.

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