Buddha Vairocana Window Sticker (2 Pieces)

Buddha Vairocana Window Sticker (2 Pieces)
SKU: SKU5215
Weight : 10.00g ( 0.02 lbs)
Dim: 4.75x4.75 in (12x12 cm)
Material: Misc

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Featured on the sticker is the Vairocana, otherwise known as the “Great Illuminator”. Vairocana is a Supreme Buddha and one of the five Diyani Buddhas. Vairocana is believed to possess amazing energy to help ward off disasters and protects against contagious diseases. When invoked, he is also said to help you make good decisions and protect you from loss of income, especially in these uncertain times.

Affix them on your windows of your home near the entrance. This will benefit everyone in the household greatly by effectively shielding everyone from all the negative effects of the current pandemic.

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