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Five Element Crystal Ingots

Five Element Crystal Ingots
Five Element Crystal Ingots Five Element Crystal Ingots
SKU: SKU2228 (Out of Stock)
Weight : 630.00g ( 1.39 lbs)
Dim: 2.375x1.625x1.375 in (6x4.1x3.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Lovely Chinese ingots made up of five different crystals to represent the five elements. The five elements are the basis of many Feng Shui formula, and when they are in balance, promotes harmony and good feng shui.

The fve crystals used are clear quartz, yellow jasper, rose quartz, aventurine and obsidian.

Clear Quartz protects one from the bad intentions of those who surround you. It will disperse any negative energy arousing from jealousy or hatred, and balance it out with positive vibes. It will use the negative energy and convert it into energy which can heal, and saves it for the future. Clear Quartz will heal your mind by balancing your thinking methods and rejuvenating the chi within your being.

Yellow jasper is known as the nurturing stone, because it is believed to fix ailments of the mind and emotion. It is reputed to support during prolonged illness or hospitalization and reenergizes the body. When you are going through difficult phases in life, Yellow Jasper will reward you with the courage to carry on. It will also provide perseverance so that you do not give up in overcoming treacherous obstacles. Jasper is said to stimulate higher intelligence, enhances quick thinking, reenergizes the decision making process, and even intensifies sexual gratification.

The Rose Quartz, or the stone of unconditional love. It can enhance love and romance luck in every aspect of your life. Also, for individuals who have been hurt and had their hearts broken before, the Rose Quartz will heal the old wounds of the past by promoting compassion and forgiveness.

Aventurine is a stone of strong mystical powers of comfort that heals the heart and soul. This stone is said to have the ability to cure mental distractions, such as anger and overworked emotions, and replace those feelings with calm and clarity. Aventurine will enhance self-confidence and leadership abilities.

This precious obsidian stone does wonders for improving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. Obsidian will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way. It will protect you from any negative forces or bad intentions, and will rid your mind of any ailments such as depression or stress.

About Feng Shui Chinese Ingots:

Chinese ingots were the ancient currency in China between influential people, such as government officials and emperors. It is because of this that today, Chinese ingots have the Feng Shui symbolism of wealth and high status. Their shape are designed in a special manner to best release wealth luck and good chi. In addition to being used alone, Chinese ingots are placed in large numbers in wealth vases or ships – the bigger the ingots are, the more effect they will have. In countries all over Asia, they are also placed at the altar, in the presence of prominent Wealth Gods such as The Three Immortals Fuk Luk Sau, Tua Peh Kong, and Chai Shen Yeh.

Chinese ingots are essential for those involved in business; when positioned accurately, they are believed to serve to bring in abundance and affluence, as well as safeguard your current fortunes.

Feng Shui tips on the many ways in which gold ingots can be used:

1) The Southeast corner is known as the Wealth corner (Feng Shui Bagua Theory), and so placing Chinese ingots in this sector of your living room, office or work area will attract wealth luck.

2) When placing Chinese ingots at your main entrance, make sure one can view them when they enter the home. This will allow the flow of good chi through main entry points in your premise.

3) To draw the attention of more customers and increase your income opportunities, placing Chinese ingots at the front counter or cash register of your store is said to help.

4) Because crystal Chinese ingots have the ability to constantly remind the mind of money-making occasions, tycoons and businessmen must keep them in a near vicinity at all times.

5) Place Chinese crystal gold ingots in any wealth ships or vases that you keep around your home, to add to the effect and create additional affluence luck.

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