Crystal Ball - Lapis Lazuli

Crystal Ball - Lapis Lazuli
Crystal Ball - Lapis Lazuli
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Material: Crystal

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Lapis Lazuli is said to be able to reverse curses as it can recognize negative energy sent to you to harm you.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone that can amplify thoughts, stimulating the higher faculties of mind, thus bringing clarity and objectivity. This stone brings deep peace and removes stress effectively. Traditionally a stone for royalty, Lapis Lazuli increases self-confidence, overcomes shyness and encourages one to take charge of his/her life. This stone also promotes compassion, uprightness and honesty, reveals inner truth, raises self-awareness and encourages self-expression. Associated to the throat chakra, it assists in expressing your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions and ideas and to just say the right thing at the right time.

Lapis Lazuli can be used to contact guardian spirits and is believed to be a very protective stone against both physical and psychic attacks. It is said to be able to reverse curses as it can recognize negative energy consciously sent to you to harm you, deflect it, and return the “poison arrow” back to its sender.

Lapis Lazuli balances the yin and yang in the body, harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies thus bringing deep inner self-knowledge and well-being. When these energies are imbalance, depression, lack of purposes, negative thinking and sickness will set in.  

This crystal is believed to tighten relationships in love and friendship as well as help preserve fidelity within marriage.

Crystal balls are a versatile cure of feng shui. They attract the luck energy of auspicious stars and dispel the bad luck energy of inauspicious ones. Their flawless round shape gives off the vibrations of harmony and perfection.

Their earthy energy and smooth surfaces are both grounding and pleasing to the eye. They capture and reflect light and add depth to the room. Their placement in earth sectors of the home (Center, SouthWest and NorthEast) will invite the generosity of earth luck into your environment. 

The smooth perfection of the crystal ball is believed to ease tensions between people and calm nerves in a place where difficulties arise.

Crystal Balls are used for several feng shui cures:

  1. To help students excel in their grades, test scores and academic performance, place the crystal ball beside the student while they are working or have them hold it in their left hand. This cure is known to be extremely effective for scholastic improvement.
  2. The clearing power of crystal balls can also be used to dispel bad energy in a room after an argument or negative event has occurred.
  3. Place the Crystal Ball in the Mountain Star #8 sector according to the Natal Chart of your home. This will enhance popularity for the family members, as well as social and networking luck. In addition to this, family members will receive support from important people to develop in their studies or career.
  4. In rooms where fights and arguments occur, place the crystal sphere – doing so will create harmony, calm nerves, preventing any forms of violent outbreaks as well as tightening the bonds between everyone in the household. It's best to display 6 crystal balls of any type desired.

According to the feng shui Bagua 8 Aspirations formula:

  1. Place a crystal ball in the Southeast sector of your home to enhance income luck and wealth luck.This is the zone in control of financial gain.
  2. To improve mental performance and attract education luck, placing the crystal ball in the Northeast sector of your study or family room is said to help.
  3. Display in the Center to benefit everyone in the household with harmonious energy.
  4. Place a crystal ball in the Southwest corner of your living or bedroom to attract luck in romance or promote love between partners.

Crystal balls have been well revered since ancient times in cultures across the world as helpful to increasing knowledge, presence and clear-sightedness. Invite one of these flawless objects into your home and experience the strong earth element’s ability to take on and clear any negative energies that are holding you back.

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