Feng Shui Crystal Peach Tree (l)

Feng Shui Crystal Peach Tree (l)
Feng Shui Crystal Peach Tree (l)
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Dim: 3.5x3.5x9.5 in (8.9x8.9x24.1 cm)
Material: Crystal

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To invite prosperity luck and long life energies into your home for all your family members, place a Peach tree in your main hall.

Since ancient times, the Peach has been a potent icon of longevity, wellbeing and everlasting life. It is an immortality symbol from the heavens, and also said to promise the beholder luck in the sense of wealth and affluence.

There are many legends from Chinese folklore which associate the Peach with these divine depictions. One of these that Hsih Hwang Mu, the Goddess of the West, had a garden in heaven laden with peach trees of everlasting life, only blossoming every two thousand years. When this happened, the Eight Immortals were invited to the Goddess’ garden for a meal; this is how these eight deities were able to retain their immortality. One of the most well-known stories relating to the Peach is how the Monkey God snuck into the Goddess of the West’s garden and stole her peaches; this is how the Monkey God became both invincible and immortal. In addition to these tales, it is known that Sau, one of the three Star Deities (Fuk Luk Sau) always carries a Peach in his hand.

The Peach is served as a dish on the birthdays of any of the heavenly deities. It is for this reason that this fruit is seen as an immortality granting fruit and a symbol of longevity, believed to provide the beholder with a long and healthy life. Also, the Peach is believed to protect from any accidents or untimely deaths. One can often see steamed buns (longevity peach bun) in the shape of a peach being served during birthday celebrations of Chinese elderly folks.

In Feng Shui, the Peach in used in many ways to bring about a better life:

  1. To invite prosperity and long life into your home for all your family members, placing a pair of Peach fruits in your main hall, dining room or living room is said to help.
  2. According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 formula, the East sector is the creator of Health Luck; displaying the Peach fruits in this corner of your bedroom will enhance its effects, providing you with good health luck.
  3. Displaying the Feng Shui Peaches in your bedroom is said to ensure that you always have enough sleep, revitalizing and refreshing your body so it stays healthy.

For those older than you, such as your grandparents or parents, the Peach Tree make the perfect present, indicating your love through the offering of long life and wellbeing.

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