Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base)

Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base)
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base) Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base) Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base) Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster (D) (Without wooden base)
Weight : 1,300.00g ( 2.87 lbs)
Dim: 5.25x3.5x4.875 in (Cluster only) (13.5x9x12.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Clear Quartz clusters are especially useful for cleaning a room or other crystals.

This is a beautiful naturally occuring Clear Quartz cluster. A crystal cluster has many points bedded and they radiate positive energy out to the surrounding space and also absorb damaging energy. Clear Quartz clusters are especially useful for cleaning the negative energy in a room or other crystals. 

Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal is one of the most fascinating stone that will protect from many things, one being the bad intentions of those who surround you. It will disperse any negative energy from external influences arousing from jealousy or hatred, and balance it out with positive and harmonious vibes. It will use the negative energy and convert it into energy which can heal, and saves it for future use. Due to this amazing ability of converting negativities to positive energy, clear quartz is often used for energizing or cleansing other crystals. Crystal collectors should at least have one clear quartz cluster with them. Simply leave your crystal bracelets, pendants or jewelries overnight on the Clear Quartz cluster when not in use. They will be cleansed of negative vibes and recharged with positive energy the next morning.

This Feng Shui crystal will heal your mind by balancing your thinking methods and rejuvenating the chi within your being. By balancing the energies of the spirit, body and mind, you will be able to think clearly and achieve a sense of tranquillity and self-harmony. Both your concentration and memory capabilities will be enhanced, creativity and inspiration increased - an ideal stone for students.

In addition to this, Clear Quartz can safeguard your body from dangerous forms of radiation and static electricity, which can cause physical damages to your organs and blood. Perfect on your workdesk where you work in front of the computer for a long period of time.

In Feng Shui, there are many ways in which the Clear Quartz cluster can be used:

1) Based on Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Southwest sector is the governor of Love and Romance Luck – it is for this reason that those seeking a lifelong partner, or for couples who are already married and hoping for everlasting happiness, should place the Natural Clear Quartz Cluster in the Southwest sector of the bedroom or main family room.

2) For individuals who are in competitive careers, such as architecture or communications, displaying the Crystal Cluster in the Northeast sector will greatly serve to enhance your own knowledge, so as to overcome competitors and arise victorious. It will also enhance your education luck.

3) The center of your home is the area to activate to create harmony and unity within a household; placing the Rock Crystal Cluster in the center of your home will create strong bonds between family members.

4) Based on Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector is the creator of Mentor Luck, and signifies the Metal element; because the Crystal Cluster is a representation of Earth energy, placing it in the Northwest will enhance its effects, because Earth creates Metal. This will serve to increase the support from influential people in your work place, allowing you to gain the aid you need to strive.

5) Many businessmen have claimed that placing a Clear Quartz crystal cluster in their shop or office have helped improved their business dealings. Try it out!

6) Place in the location of the #8 Wealth Star to boost it!

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