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Hematite Tortoise

Hematite Tortoise
Hematite Tortoise
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Weight : 180.00g ( 0.40 lbs)
Dim: 1.25x2.25x1 in (3.2x5.7x2.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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A tortoise figurine carved out of the crystal hematite.

In Chinese mythology, while the Crane is believed to be able to live at least one thousand years feeding only on water, the Tortoise is even more impressive; it can survive three times longer than that! It is for this reason that it is a popular symbol of longevity, and is highly demanded by many who wish to live long healthy lives. The term 'age of tortoise' is used in Chinese cultureto mean the longevity of a human being. The Tortoise is also a feng shui representation of protection and immunity to bad intentions.

The tortoise, being one of the four celestial animals (among the Dragon, Phoenix and Tiger), is much revered by the Chinese and Feng Shui followers as a creator of solidity, sustenance and perseverance. As an essential item in landscape Feng Shui, those who display a Tortoise in the North sector of their home or office will reap the many rewards that this celestial creature has to offer.

Hematite is a stone of harmony, unifying the spirit, body and mind. In ancient Egypt, it was used to generate the production of blood cells in those who were terminally ill. Since then, it has become strongly recommended by those who heal with crystals, as it is believed to benefit the blood flow by increasing iron and optimizing oxygen intake.

However, it is not solely used for blood benefits; for those who suffer from short concentration, low self-esteem and slow learning, this stone is said to help construct creativity and increase intelligence. In addition to this, Hematite has the ability to cleanse the mind and reduce irritations, stress and negative energy.

There are many ways in which the Tortoise can be used in a Feng Shui manner around the home or office:

1. To promote good health luck and long life for all family members, position a Tortoise statuette in the East sector of your house. To protect against illnesses and oncoming dangers and prevent accidents for family members, place the Tortoise at your main entrance, facing outside is said to be helpful..

2. A Tortoise at the top of the bed is believed to help prevent anxieties associated with sleeping and insomnia; it will also calm children who are afraid to sleep in their own bedrooms. This Chinese charm will provide the beholder with guardianship during sleep, repressing negative energy and nightmares.

3. Display the Tortoise in the North Sector of your home, office or work place – according to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, this sector watches over your Career Luck. In your office, you can also display it behind the area where you work, where it is said to protect you from betrayal by colleagues, as well as gain insight from important people in your field. It will also give you command and authority over your work staff, ensuring a hasty promotion.

4. For those who are plagued with illnesses, a Tortoise is a good Feng Shui cure. By placing a Tortoise in the personal “Tien Yi” (Feng Shui Kua) direction is believed to help to ease the body and promote faster recovery.

5. Activate descendant luck by placing this feng shui symbol in the West sector (Feng Shui Bagua)

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