Golden Good Fortune Tiger

Golden Good Fortune Tiger
Golden Good Fortune Tiger Golden Good Fortune Tiger
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Weight : 890.00g ( 1.96 lbs)
Dim: 6x4x4.5 in (15.3x10.2x11.4 cm)
Material: Resin

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A ferocious tiger on a bed of gold coins with a crystal ball represents 'voracious' luck in wealth attainment. It also means your current wealth and fortune is protected from unforeseen circumstances or safeguarded from people who want a piece of it.

The Tiger, a strong symbol of passion, power and courage, is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Those born in the year of the tiger will have very self-esteemed traits, such as leadership, independence, perseverance and strong self-confidence.

The aura that the Tiger emits is very potent, and displaying it in your office or home will pass its terrific traits onto those in the surrounding area. For those born in the year of the Tiger, this figurine will be even more effective.

A perfect item for your living room or office in the year of the Tiger 2010.

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