Auspicious Goat on Ingot

Auspicious Goat on Ingot
Auspicious Goat on Ingot Auspicious Goat on Ingot
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Weight : 830.00g ( 1.83 lbs)
Dim: 4.375x3.125x5 in (11.1x8x12.7 cm)
Material: Resin

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The symbol of a Ram resting peacefully has appeared as early as 200 BC during the Han Dynasty. It was commonly carved out from jade and later on crafted out of porcelain. When the Ram is shown sitting on a giant ingot atop a bed of gold ingots and gold coins, it signifies resting on your laurels with a lot of money to spend! It is also interpreted as ease in your money making efforts. The four Chinese characters on the gold ingot literally means "Crouching Ram Generating Wealth!".

The Ram, Goat or Sheep, which is a symbol of business intelligence and serenity of mind, is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Those who are born under the Goat zodiac are said to have extremely righteous traits, such as sincerity, creativity and kindness for others – these people are often known as the “good Samaritans” of the Chinese horoscope animals. The Goat emits vibes of care and compassion, motherly love and gentleness, always thinking about others feelings and understanding their imperfections.

Place this Feng Shui product in your office or home, and your family will be blessed with all of its caring characteristics. For those born under the Goat zodiac, these effects will be magnified hence this good luck charm would make an excellent birthday gift to a Goat person.

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