The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu

The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu
The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu
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Kamadhenu or the Sacred Cow is venerated by many in India as a divine bovine-Goddess who fulfills all wishes. In Hinduism, she is believed to be a magical "cow of abundance" and is regarded as the source of all prosperity and she provides her owner whatever he or she desires. Buddhist scriptures has also similar wish-granting cow in it. One can often see this cow as part of the Mandala Offering of the Universe in Tibetan Buddhism.

 This precious Sacred Cow Kamadhenu statue is painted with the Eight Auspicious Objects and Seven Royal Emblems on its body. These symbols together bring all kinds of good fortune.

The Eight Auspicious Objects attract all kinds of blessings:

  • The Parasol represents a rich career and satisfaction in all areas of business life, especially new ventures and assessments.
  • The two fish together represent harmony, happiness, fertility and recovery.
  • The treasure vase symbolizes an abundance in material possessions, long life and prosperity.
  • The lotus is also a symbol of both mental and spiritual purity. In Feng Shui, the lotus is used to attract joy, love luck and continuous social growth.
  • Conch Shell brings good news from near and far.
  • The Mystic Knot brings a life filled with endless love and harmony.
  • The victory banner is a symbol of the victory and success luck.
  • The wheel is a used to obtain wisdom and spiritual escalation.

The Seven Royal Emblems brings endless harmony and good fortune:

  • The Precious General, Precious Minister and Precious Queen ensure good protection energies in your home.
  • The Precious Horse and Precious Elephant bring success and authority luck
  • The Precious Wheel and Precious Jewel bring wisdom, spiritual growth and prosperity luck.

Displaying the Sacred Cow in the Northeast of your living or dining room if possible, is said to bring well-bring and happiness to your life.

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