Colorful Liu Li Success Horse With Wealth Bags

Colorful Liu Li Success Horse With Wealth Bags
Colorful Liu Li Success Horse With Wealth Bags Colorful Liu Li Success Horse With Wealth Bags Colorful Liu Li Success Horse With Wealth Bags
SKU: SKU5425
Weight : 230.00g ( 0.51 lbs)
Dim: 3x1.25x2.75 in (7.5x3x7 cm)
Material: Glass

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Strikingly handsome and spirited, this gorgeous Feng Shui Horse carrying a pair of wealth bags is said to bring wealth luck and career mobility, advancement and success.

This beautiful horse is a representation of success, strength, loyalty, conquest and confidence. Because the Horses are also symbol of authority, endurance and perseverance, they are a highly regarded in Feng Shui and is believed to allow the beholder to sprint stably through any obstacle in the journey of life. There's a popular Chinese idiom that goes "as energetic as a dragon and a horse".

Some Feng Shui tips on how you can make use of this Feng Shui product to achieve success and a better life.

  1. For those born in the year of the Horse, displaying the Horse on your desk is said to better your luck in wealth and good fortune.
  2. The Horse is best placed in the South sector because its inherent element is fire. In this location, it's believed the Horse will enhance fame or reputation luck. This will enable you to get your work noticed, causing your colleagues and superiors to notice your hard work and tedious efforts – this can lead to promotions, upward mobility and popularity.
  3. Placing the Feng Shui Horse in your workplace if you wish to succeed over those who run against you is said to be helpful; this is particularly useful to those in very competitive careers. New business ventures will be both smooth and successful, requiring little effort but reaping big rewards.
  4. The Horse is best placed in main areas of the home, such as the living room or main hall, as opposed to more private areas like the bedroom. This is due to the Horse’s strong Yang element.

This captivating multi-colored crystal glass is seeing a surge in popularity not only in Asia but also America and Europe. The procedure of creating Liuli glass is pretty similar to the age-old French glass casting technique known as "pate-de-verre". The process of creating Liuli glass is special and very difficult due to several factors with a high failure rate. That's why Chinese Liu Li art pieces always fetch a higher price. The instability of the molds (which is not reusable) and high firing temperatures required are the two most common reasons determining the success rate of producing a beautiful Liuli artwork. Each piece of Liuli glass is unique as the mixture of colors varies from one to the next.

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