Prosperity Golden Dog with Gold Ingot

Prosperity Golden Dog with Gold Ingot
Prosperity Golden Dog with Gold Ingot Prosperity Golden Dog with Gold Ingot
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Weight : 1,350.00g ( 2.98 lbs)
Dim: 5.5x3.375x7.25 in (14x8.5x18.5 cm)
Material: Resin

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Celebrate new beginnings, future prosperity, and 2018's Year of the Dog with this auspiciously golden Dog depicted perching on top of a giant Gold Ingot and treasures to signify increment of assets, heigthened windfall luck and financial freedom. Perfect decor for your home or office in the year of the Dog 2018.

The Dog which is a symbol of justice, faithfulness, protection and strong sense of morality, is the eleventh animal in the Chinese horoscope cycle. It also symbolizes persistence in adversity and sensitivity to feelings. The symbol of Dog emits vibes of honesty, loyalty, generosity and dedication to things they love. Dogs are also considered a harbinger of friendship.

The biggest and most important festival of the year in China and for the Chinese communities all over the world is Lunar New Year. Prior to New Year's Day, various Chinese New Year decorations are put up to welcome luck, health, and prosperity in the new lunar year. Come the year of the Dog 2018, this propitious Dog figurine makes the perfect decoration to invite festive mood and to usher in good wealth and good fortune to your home or office.

An ideal gift for the Chinese New Year, especially for the upcoming Year of the Dog in 2018, people born in the year of Dog or dog lovers.

* Adhesive drop-off caused by shock vibe during transit is not uncommon for this product because it is glued to an ultra smooth glass surface. This is not considered a damage and does not warrant a refund. It can easily be glued back and has no negative Feng Shui effect to the enhancer. 


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