Feng Shui Kit 2016 for Dog

Feng Shui Kit 2016 for Dog
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This value-for-money Feng Shui Kit 2016 for the Horoscope sign Dog is packaged for your convenience with carefully picked Feng Shui cures and enhancers to awaken the good energies and counter the negative ones that have flown into your animal zodiac home chart in the year of the Monkey. In year 2016, the Dog-born is afflicted by Yin Dou brought by the 24 Mountain Stars, and the Hostile #3 brought by the Flying Stars. However, you have the Small Auspicious and Big Auspicious Stars in your home palace. Your Spirit Essence and Life Force ratings are average.

Purchase this Feng Shui Kit for Dog for yourself and your loved ones at a discounted price to stay protected from harm and attract good fortune in the year 2016.

Click Feng Shui 2016 for Dog to read more about your luck forecast and prediction.

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