Golden Bell with Fortune Bat Tassel

Golden Bell with Fortune Bat Tassel
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Material: Metal

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The Bat is an influential icon to the Chinese – this is because the sound for “bat” in the Chinese language, “fook” is similar to the word “Fuk”, which is closely related to the phrase for joy and good fortune.

In ancient China, the Bat was an adorned figure by the emperors and government officials; having the emblem of a Bat sewn into their robes was a sign of high status, and high income. Combined with other auspicious animals such as the dragon or the crane, these robes were icons of long life and joy for those who wore them. Figurines of Bats were also held by distinguished deities such as Chung Kwei and Sau Sing Kung, to show their superiority and prosperity.

Contrary to western belief, the Bat is not a symbol of darkness or evils. It is said to have the ability to do good for its owner, attracting prosperity energies and driving away disastrous forces which could cause illness, diseases and untimely death.

Hang this any where in your house especially 'metal sectors' (Feng Shui Bagua Formula) with the exception for the sector afflicted by the #3 flying star, Three Killings or Tai Sui to reap its benefits. You can hang this lucky bell on your windowsills or door knobs. Hearing the sound of tinkling bells dancing in the wind or when opening the door will give you the good feeling that your household is being blessed with a renewed set of good luck and prosperity energies. Good news will keep pouring in after this.

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