21 Tara Plaque

21 Tara Plaque
21 Tara Plaque 21 Tara Plaque 21 Tara Plaque
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The 21 Taras act quickly to remove osbtacles to success and make your wishes into reality. Display or hang the 21 Tara Plaque facing your entrance to dissolve problems, especially if your energy is afflicted by negative feng shui winds.

Each Tara specialises in clearing obstacles in specific ways. Here is a list of the 21 Taras and their powers:

1) Nyurma Palmo - 'Swift lady of glory', to remove hindrances and develop Bodhicitta.

2) Saraswati (Yangchanma) - This Tara is the patron of arts, music and learning. She is the consort of the Bodhisattva of wisdom, Manjushri.

3) Serdog Chen - To develop wealth and longevity

4) Namgyalma (Ushnisha) - This is an important deity for all schools. Ushnisha, she who dwells on the topknot of the Buddhas, develops longevity and wealth.

5) Kurukulla - Kurukulla is to develop one's capacity and to make one attractive to beings (How to win friends and influence people...).

6) Jigje Chenmo - This Tara is to tame elemental spirits - local beings which can give us problems.

7) Tummo Mit'hubma - This Tara protects us during storms - ordinary storms, and the storms of war and civil disorder.

8) Zhan Migyelma - This Tara is for when we have a problem with beings and people being aggressive towards us. She is to protect us.

9) Khamsum Namgyelma - This Tara is for when it is necessary for us to overcome something or have a victory

10) Norgyun (Basudarini) - This Tara is to remove poverty and bring wealth. Wealth practices always mention this deity.

12) Tashi Tamche Jinma (Tashi Donjedma) - This Tara is to bring auspicious conditions, like good farming climate and many children and wealth and luck, to the area we live in.

12)Wangjedma - This Tara is used when it is necessary for us to have to fight or overcome someone.

13) Lhamo Drapungjom - this Tara is used to overcome negativity from the Eight classes.

140 T'hronyer Chandzadma - This Tara is to overcome fears.

15) Rabzhima - This Tara is to purify obstacles resulting from our negative actions and past karmas.

16) Barwai od - This Tara is to remove curses and bad magics, either from humans or from other beings.

17) Pagmed Nonma - This Tara is to protect us while we are travelling

18) Maja Chhenmo - This Tara is to overcome poison.

19) Mip'ham Gyalmo - This Tara is to protect against illnesses.

20) Rit'hrod Logyonma - This Tara is to overcome illness

21) Maritse (Osel Chenma, Hodser Chenma) - Maritse is correlated with the goddess of the dawn. She is invoked at sunrise or at the start of a journey. She protects travellers; she guards against thieves. Also, if one's energy has been stolen by any being, she can get it back and restore it.

Place the 21 Tara Plaque in your home or office to invoke blessings from all 21 Taras to overcome your inner and outer obstacles to success in every area of your life and to gain happiness.


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