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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope 2019 - 7th Month (Aug 8 - Sep 7, 2019)

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RAT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RatThe appearance of the #1 Victory Star creates better luck for Rats this month. Energy and enthusiasm are restored and allow you to make the most of opportunities that arise. This is YOUR time – don’t let anyone bring you down or dampen your spirits. Plan carefully and map out your goals. Know what you want and need and then move forward. With goals in place, set a target date. If you desire financial success, give yourself a specific timeframe, whether it’s a month or six months, and then think of what you can do to achieve it. If it’s personal happiness, think of how to become more popular or what you can do to attract love or friendship. Do you want to become a better partner, parent or relative to someone? This is the time to seek success in that area.

The #1 Star indicates a transformation. Positive changes should begin occurring whether it’s on the job, in a move, or in any other area of your life you desire. With victory luck on your side, with the right motivation on your part, happiness is within reach. Display a Dragon Tortoise and display a Key for Success and Victory with Windhorse on your desk. Wear an Halved Ammonite Pendant (L)as an added boost in attracting new ventures or Jade Peony Pendant for new love. For students, examination luck is enhanced and placing a 7-tier or 9-tier Pagoda could increase luck in this area for you.


OX's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for OxWealth and business luck are strong and your ideas – even if they’re slightly unconventional – are appreciated and do well. Even if an obstacle arises, you’ll be able to overcome it and keep moving forward. Your confidence, determination and bold thinking pay off now. At work, people listen to you and are willing to follow you. It’s a time to impress people and yet you can also find success working on your own now. With the presence of the #8 Wealth Star and the #2 Star, a fortunate sum-of-ten is created and it’s easier than usual to complete tasks. Once one project is completed, forge ahead with another while this auspicious influence surrounds you. Capture this highly auspicious Feng Shui energy by placing a Mandala Offering with Gemstones or Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God in the NE and carrying a Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain.

In love, romantic vibrations abound. Don’t hesitate telling someone special how you feel or pursuing someone you’ve admired. Communication is key to a happy relationship now more than ever. Singles can turn on the charm and be open to admirers – the result could be a happy new love match. Carry a Jade Pair of Mandarin Ducks Love Charm for enhanced love luck.


TIGER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for TigerThis may be your best month this year! The #8 Wealth Star combines with the #2 Star to create the auspicious sum-of-ten. It will be easier to complete tasks and reach goals, so don’t hesitate taking on new projects. It’s also a time to make money or take financial risks within reason. The 45-year-old, 69-year-old and 21-year-old Tigers are especially blessed with good fortune now. To maximize financial success, carry the Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain or the Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain and display a Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl or Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God in NE. At work, added responsibilities or a promotion are real possibilities and this leads to success now and in the future. Money-making opportunities could arise from a simple talk with someone or from a totally unexpected direction, so keep open-minded and alert.

Student Tigers have good luck with studies once they have prepared for tests and could receive a scholarship opportunity. Family time looks promising and could help deepen the bond with parents and children. In love, if you’ve admired someone from a distance, let your feelings be known. Even if this person didn’t appear interested before, the tide may have turned in your favor! Wear the High Grade Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendant Necklace for enhanced luck in the love department.


RABBIT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RabbitThe #3 Quarrelsome Star causes tempers to flare – yours and those around you. Be careful what you do or say because it could be misinterpreted and even lead to a lawsuit. It’s best to keep your opinion to yourself when possible. Lie low and keep more to yourself because negativity could change what people think of you. Carry the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain or Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star, and display the Jadeite Standing Good Fortune Laughing Buddha or a Brass Laughing Buddha in Good Fortune Robe in the East especially if you are involved in a legal problem. Wealth luck is average now, but the tension in the air causes its benefits to be lessened. Health issues are also a possibility, so take better care of yourself and don’t let stress take a toll, particularly on your blood pressure. This is especially true for the 80-year-old Earth Rabbit and the 68-year-old Metal Rabbit. Carry or hang nearby a Jade Wulou with Ingot Hanging. At work, avoid misunderstandings or participating in a heated discussion. Insisting on your opinion or trying to be “right” isn’t worth it now.

Students feel pressured to do more this month and could find it tiring and difficult to meet deadlines. It’s best to work alone and focus on your own studies rather than working with others. Get a Clear Quartz Crystal Point to help your concentration. Love relationships suffer from harsh words that come out of nowhere, so consider spending time away from a partner rather than causing hard feelings. Go for a walk – spend quiet time cooling down. You should definitely wear a 3-Round High Grade Morganite or hang near you.


DRAGON's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for DragonRelationships and scholastic activities fare well now, with the benefit of the #4 Peach Blossom/ Scholastic Star. Happier energy emerges and you feel like expanding your horizons. Challenge yourself – open up to new opportunities of a business or personal nature. Your charisma level makes this a good time to socialize and network. Contacts made can be beneficial now and in the future. Don’t be afraid of making big moves or welcoming changes – good things are in store. It’s also a good time to re-connect with friends or family members you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile.

Students have study luck and could receive an honor or scholarship with hard work. Dream big and aim high. Activities outside studies look promising, too. Students benefit from carrying a Clear Quartz Pagoda Amulet. Love is definitely in the air for Dragons this month and singles have admirers being drawn to them. It’s a good time to play the field. Caution is needed, though, for married Dragons or those in a committed relationship. The Peach Blossom Star stirs up so much romantic energy that temptation to cheat is possible. For a relationship that’s gone stale, display the Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love in your West sector and wear the Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant or carry the Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck to ignite the passionate fire once again.


SNAKE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for SnakeRelationships of all types benefit from the presence of the #4 Peach Blossom/Scholarship Star this month. Your people skills are excellent and others are drawn to you and your ideas. Because of this, you could be put into a leadership position. You also excel at meetings now and receive support for your ideas and plans. It’s a good time to network and socialize, where a new contact could turn into a trusted ally. Accept new challenges now, even if they fall outside your normal comfort zone. Even if success doesn’t come right away, you are laying the foundation for success in the future. You could also find it appealing to expand your skills and abilities. Money luck is favored and you’ll find you can accomplish financial success easier by enlisting the help of willing co-workers or partners. Beware the competition, though. Someone may try to stir up trouble for you. Reap the full benefits of your luck by placing a Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati or 9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda - Obsidian in the SE.

Students have good fortune in studies or scholarship possibilities, and people in the research field, media or academics also experience good luck. Students should carry an Aventurine Pagoda Amulet or place a Clear Quartz Crystal Point on your study desk. Love is very promising for Snakes and admirers appear abundant. It’s a good time to play the field rather than settling down right now. The married or committed Snake should beware temptation from the #4 Star – think twice before flirting with someone because it could harm a good relationship. Instead, spend time rekindling your partnership and adding a spark once again. Displaying the Double Happiness Plaque in your Southeast sector or wearing the Orange Garnet Fox Ring helps protect your relationships.


HORSE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for HorseGood fortune begins to perk up for the Horse with the arrival of the #9 Magnifying Star. Things could move at a fast pace, causing you to feel overwhelmed and short on time but once you hit your stride you can cope well. Energy improves and you are enthusiastic about the future. Ideas you have now could be slightly unusual but they work in your favor as long as you don’t get too carried away or offbeat. Since the #9 is the Future Prosperity Star as well, it means that while some success comes currently, think of the long term and don’t lose patience. Place a 4 Elements Cross Mirror Reflecting Superior Wealth Luck in the South. It’s not possible to achieve everything at once and if you pace yourself you’ll do well. Office politics could rear its head and someone may try to undermine you. Stay strong and maintain your integrity. Wear a Jade Cicada Pendant to protect from office politicking.

This can be a sizzling month for love and romance. Passion flares and it could be time for a romantic getaway with a partner. Singles are alluring and attract admirers. It’s not the time to play it safe – take advantage of the love energy. If you want to casually date, it’s fine, or for some, it could be the time to settle down with a special someone. Wear a Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant (L) or Colorful Liuli Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet.


SHEEP's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for SheepThe #2 Illness Star brings health issues and diminished resistance. It’s necessary to take better care of yourself and conserve your energy. An injury is also possible, so use caution and avoid risky activities or crowded places where germs or danger could lurk. Listen to your body and seek help if a health scare or symptom arises, rather than letting it get worse. Wearing or carrying the Jade Feng Shui Wulou Keychain or Jade Wulou with Ingot Hanging helps keep illness at bay. Display a Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha or an Obsidian Feng Shui Wu Lou (L) in the SW. Use good judgment in choosing the work you need to do and put off some things till later. Trying to accomplish too much or meet too many deadlines will only harm your health. Ask for help from a trusted co-worker when possible to help you meet deadlines. This is a chance for them to show you their loyalty and worth as a team member. Wealth luck will improve soon but is only average this month, so watch spending habits and don’t make new investments. Enhance wealth luck by carrying a Prosperity Chest Featuring Maneki Neko.

Love is quiet and peaceful this month. An admirer could approach you and it’s a good time to let things slowly blossom into something potentially meaningful. Married or committed Horses should beware temptation or interference from a third person. Focus on your current relationship or you could regret a momentary fling. To improve your love and romance luck wear a Golden Strawberry Quartz Lepidocrocite Leaf Crystal Pendant or Golden Strawberry Quartz Bracelet.


MONKEY's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for MonkeyLagging health and energy plague Monkeys this month and it will take effort to keep yourself out of harm. The #2 Illness Star’s presence is to blame. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat and drink responsibly. At any sign of a health issue, get to a doctor or find a way of treating it to prevent it becoming serious. Accidents or injuries are also a possibility now so avoid risky sports or activities to protect yourself. Display a Healing Herbs Wu Lou or Bejeweled Medicine Buddha in the SW. On a positive note, emotions are more balanced now and your mood improves. Spending relaxing time with family and friends further calms you. Energy suffers at work and you may feel you can’t accomplish what you want to do. Take small breaks on the job to recharge your batteries. Asking for help is a good way to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Business ventures are favored but it depends on who you are working with – and you should not try to do everything on your own.

Make peace with the fact that you may miss some opportunities due to lack of energy or feeling under the weather. Monkeys are advised to wear the Medicine Buddha Pendant or carry a Medicine Buddha with Wu Lou Keychain to protect against illness or harm. Wearing it near your throat chakra helps boost energy as well. Chanting the Medicine Buddha’s mantra each day further empowers resistance against illness:

Hang a Jade Feng Shui Five Wulou Tassel in your car.


ROOSTER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RoosterRoosters must stay alert to problems now because the #7 Loss/Betrayal Star arrives, threatening setbacks, obstacles and potential betrayal by someone you thought you could trust. Negativity is everywhere and it will take effort to avoid it. Work or business matters are tainted by possible backstabbing. The #7 Star is a Metal element and your personal sector of the West is also Metal in nature so it’s almost guaranteed that the worst of human behavior can find you if you are not careful. To help minimize this energy, wear the color red. Display a Anti-Burglary Red Plaque in the West and wear a Red Copper Rutilated Quartz Bracelet (High Grade) or Red Agate Lotus Bracelet (14mm). Don’t share too many ideas or plans with people who could steal them, including allies or friends. Keep to yourself and don’t overshare information.

Some of this month’s negativity depends on how sensitive you are to actions or words of others. Develop a thick skin to let criticism roll off. This applies in professional and personal activities or relationships now. Trust your instincts about a person or situation but even then, err on the side of caution rather than opening up completely about your thoughts or plans.


DOG's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for DogThe #6 Heaven Star ushers in blessings of all types and blends perfectly with the annual #9 Star already in your chart. Energy and enthusiasm are lifted and you have a desire to accomplish much of your goals, or at least make serious plans for them. Any setback is temporary and it will be brushed aside easily. It could feel like an unseen hand from above is guiding you and leading you forward. Work matters improve and peace with co-workers is returned. At home, the patriarchs in a family feel especially empowered mentally and physically and can get projects done. When in doubt, others in the family should listen to the wise advice of the male head of the household now. Matriarchs also feel strong and positive, though.

To maximize the blessings available from the #6, ask the God of Heaven to visit your home. It is from this source that the Chinese believe all blessings originate. Displaying a Gui Ren Plaque, a Precious Minister Holding Windchime or Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance in the Northwest sector invites positive energy. It can also be placed in the East where the annual #6 resides now. Carry also the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet Keychain.


BOAR's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for BoarPositive, light energy arrives from the #6 Heaven Star now and this is in perfect harmony with the annual #9 Star, as well. Strong Metal energy lifts your mood and enthusiasm and gives you the desire to accomplish goals. You could feel an unseen hand helping you with your tasks and lightening your workload. A peaceful energy exists with co-workers. The good news you’ve been hoping for could arrive this month and a promotion is possible. Should you win out over a competitor (very likely), there should be no hard feelings to deal with. Display a 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque or Gui Ren Windchime in the NW to harness the full potential of your luck. Carry a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain.

Patriarchs of a family have particularly good fortune now and it’s suggested that others in the family listen to their wise advice and allow them to take the lead. Matriarchs have good luck, too, though less energy than the male of a household. Family matters should improve because of the #6 influence. All Boars can benefit from it, but mothers or matriarchs in particular should carry the 5 Elements Mirror Amulet Keychain to attract the most of the positive chi to their household.



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