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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope 2018 - 6th Month (July 7 - Aug 7, 2018)

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RAT's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast  Luck Star Rating

A double dose of the #5 Misfortune Star threatens Rats now. This heightens wu wang energy, and caution must be used in all areas. Avoid physical and financial risks now and be especially careful to avoid an accident. The 58-year-old Metal Rat is most at risk and should avoid sleeping in a bed in the North sector. Carrying the 5 Element Pagoda Keychain is highly advised to protect Rats now. Wearing mantra protection jewelry in gold or silver, and wearing white clothing is another feng shui suggestion. Tensions could arise at work, with even team members opposing you. Office politics and backbiting is possible, so don’t give someone reason to complain about you to an associate or boss. Walk away from arguments and spend time only with those you completely trust. It’s crucial to stay focused on what you know and avoid new ventures, investments or the signing of a contract. Display TWO 6 inch Five Element Pagoda or one piece of something powerful like the 5 Element Pagoda or Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda (9 inches).

Love is lackluster for singles and married Rats. Instead, spend time with friends and tread lightly if you do have a partner. Wear the Strawberry Quartz Bracelet with Pi Chiu and Wu Lou or Strawberry Quartz Bracelet to enhance love luck. Students are hit by the wu wang and hopefully most of them are out of school for the summer, with less chance for harm. You should carry a Scholastic Keychain.


OX's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast  (NorthEast)  Luck Star Rating

The annual #3 Quarrelsome Star is already in the Ox’s chart, and it’s joined by the #3 monthly star now, so tempers (yours and those around you) could flare, possibly causing major problems. Normally, the Ox is low-key, but this month you’re tempted to aggressively lash out. Those around you could fight back hard. Wearing the color red helps calm anger, and carrying the Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Keychain or Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain also helps subdue tempers. Work alone when possible. Others could oppose you or disagree strongly. Avoid setting up meetings – lie low. What you say or do in heated conversations could have lasting effects. Backbiting and gossip follow you at work. Your best bet is to not participate in discussions, or a legal issue could arise, and you’re not likely to win. Place a Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque or Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star in the Northeast this month.

Angry energy in love is likely. Your negative attitude isn’t attractive to others, so save seeking a relationship for later. The Ox who’s in a relationship needs to watch words and actions and be willing to compromise. Wear a Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant to enhance love luck. Students are more sensitive to comments now and could feel betrayed or taken advantage of. Carry a Rose Quartz Pagoda Hanging.

TIGER's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (NorthEast)  Luck Star Rating

It’s an agitated time for Tigers, due to the #3 Quarrelsome Star. Not only your temper, but tempers of those around you, flare easily. Watch what you say or do, because small disagreements can escalate to major arguments or legal issues. Lie low and keep to yourself. Wearing the color red helps tame anger, as does wearing the Clear Quartz Laughing Buddha 925 Silver Framed Pendant with Swarovski or Rose Quartz Laughing Buddha Pendant. To further suppress anger, display the 4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff or Red Feng Shui Crystal ball on stand in your Northeast sector, and keep lights on there to bring positive energy. You can also hang the Golden Tibetan Double Dorje Phurba Tassel in your car. Beware office politics and gossip at work and walk away rather than entering a heated discussion. You’re not likely to win and could take things more personally than you’re meant to do.

It’s a rough time for dealing with partners, clients or business associates, so avoid new projects or signing contracts – soon enough, things will improve.

Hostilities arise in love, and an argument with a partner is a strong possibility. Tread lightly. Singles are advised to wait in their pursuit of love. Wear a Rose Quartz Teardrop Crystal Pendant or Natural Rose Quartz Bracelet to calm tempers and improve relationships. Anger in students could detract from studies, so lie low and try to focus on your education, not hurt feelings. Use the Clear Quartz Crystal Point to stay in focus and carry an Education & Scholastic Keychain helps.

RABBIT's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East)  Luck Star Rating

There’s a double dose of the #7 Robbery/Loss Star in the Rabbit’s chart, also threatening betrayal and violence because of its massive Metal energy. Counteract this by bringing in water energy. Wear blue or black colors or items such as High Grade Kyanite Crystal Bracelet (7mm) or Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet. Also invite protection by carrying the Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain. It’s not the time to make risky money moves like gambling or investments. Work is stressful, with office politics, gossip and backbiting. Walk away from arguments rather than saying or doing something wrong. Your decision-making is affected; avoid moving too quickly on deals, partnerships or contracts. You may think you’re right, only to be proven wrong. Display the Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras or Anti Burglary Plaque - Rhinoceros and Elephant in the East this month.

Not only love relationships but friendships are affected by the #7’s Metal energy. Even a trusted friend could betray you, so be alert. Singles should hold off getting serious yet with a potential partner, and hesitate before double dating or involving your date with family matters. Otherwise, turmoil is possible. Carry a Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck to remedy. Students feel competitive now, but if they stay focused and creative, they can succeed. Hang a Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain to your school bag.


DRAGON's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast  (SouthEast)  Luck Star Rating

Luck can’t be much better for Dragons! The yearly #8 and the monthly #8 combine for abundance and prosperity luck. You’ll be busy but productive, so don’t be afraid of hard work. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. To fully magnify the #8’s energy, display the Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree or Bejeweled Mystic Knot in your Southeast sector, preferably on a desk. Work is productive and pleasant, with good relationships with co-workers. Things you previously began can be successfully completed now. With this much good luck potential, don’t rest on your laurels – forge ahead! Pursue new deals or projects, consider new partnerships, and even take slight risks. Wear the Yellow Dragon Jade Stone Pendant or Golden Titanium Rutilated Quartz Bracelet to capture the #8 Wealth Star earth energy.

Love is promising now, physically and emotionally. Someone who’s been in your life could turn from friend or associate into a soul mate. Display a Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple to enhance your luck in relationships. Students have confidence and energy to pursue studies successfully, so think big and explore new areas of knowledge.


SNAKE's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast  (SouthEast)  Luck Star Rating

Double #8 Prosperity Stars bring new opportunities and wealth potential. Business and career matters keep you extra busy but the results are impressive. Expect hard work and added responsibilities. Hard work pays off, but find some time to relax a bit, and recharge. Your ideas are respected and supported. A few risks are ok now and they can give income a big boost. Activate the Wealth Stars by displaying The Mountain of Gold or Feng Shui Figure of Eight Enhancer in the Southeast sector. Wear also a crystal bracelet as its earth energy will enhance the Wealth Star. We highly recommend the Wealth Pot Green Phantom Bracelet (High Grade) or the Multicolor Phantom Quartz Bracelet.

Love is exciting, especially if you make your feelings known to someone you’ve had your eye on. You may take romance to another level, even marriage. Solidify your love luck by placing a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (M) in your bedroom. Even friendships benefit from the power of the #8 Star. Student Snakes have confidence and the knowledge to go far, especially with hard work and focus. All Snakes can increase the streak of their #8 good fortune energy with the help of the Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat or Adorable Eight Immortals Set, which offer good fortune not only in wealth but in all types of life issues, and from all 8 directions.


HORSE's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South) Luck Star Rating

The #4 Peach Blossom Star offers romantic love and better relationships in all areas. Even relationships that may have been awkward or strained can be mended and happy again. Your skills and knowledge pay off at work and a promotion is possible, though not right away. Stay confident – don’t question your good luck. Take advantage of it instead. You’ll be inspired by new ideas, with the potential to implement them. Networking can be beneficial and if so, don’t hesitate involving a new contact in your plans. Bolster your relationship luck with your special half, business partners, colleagues, family and friends by placing a Rose Quartz Crystal Point nearby.

Love plays a big role for Horses now, whether it’s serious or merely playful. If you do feel the relationship has great promise, don’t hesitate to get things going. Students reap the #4’s Scholastic luck potential and can activate it by carrying the Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain and displaying a Golden 9 Level Feng Shui Wen Chang Pagoda. Not only studies but also friendships with other students are heightened now. Join in a study group if it appeals to you.


SHEEP's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (SouthWest) Luck Star Rating

Opportunities abound now and present themselves easily, with blessings from the #6 Heaven Star. Roadblocks are removed, so things you had difficulty with before are well within reach now. This could mean you need to make a phone call or take someone up on a offer, but don’t hesitate. You’ll impress someone higher up who takes on a mentor role for you. The full impact of this help could take a bit of time to fully materialize. You’ll be involved heavily in your business or career and your pleasant personality helps you gain help when you need it. Just don’t become overly impressed with your charm or you might be considered arrogant, expecting favors all the time. Trigger the #6 Heavenly Star by displaying a Gui Ren Plaque or 6 Big Smooth Coins in the SW. Earth element strengthens the metal element of the #6 so wearing crystal bracelet is especially auspicious this month. We suggest the Amethyst Phantom Quartz Bracelet  or Pietersite Crystal Bracelet.

Love is strong. Those in a relationship are happy, and singles could find someone who becomes important to them. Casual dating is fine, but you could feel you want more. Family relationships are  happy now, and a relative could offer help. Students are popular and are favored by teachers. Don’t let friends tease you about this approval – they’re just joking with you.


MONKEY's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (SouthWest) Luck Star Rating

The #6 Heaven Star blesses Monkeys doubly now, with the combination of the yearly and monthly #6 influence. Gui Ren luck is also around you, and chances are a mentor could offer help and guidance. Help may also come from a new contact you made through networking. People notice you and your abilities more than ever before at work. This is your chance, so if a promotion or added opportunities come your way, take advantage of it. You can really shine now, so put in your best work. Things may come easily now because of the #6’s guidance, but try also stepping out of your comfort zone and taking some risks. Follow your instincts and if something feels right, go with it. You can further enhance this Star by displaying the 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque or Gui Ren Plaque in the SW and wearing crystal bracelets like the Sunstone Crystal Bracelet or Fantasy Golden Ray Tiger Eye Bracelet.

Romance is fulfilling, and you should have an easy time getting along with people, especially the admirers who’ll seek you out. That may be fun for a bit, but it’s likely you feel ready for something deeper. If you’ve fallen for someone, let them know, otherwise something that is special to you may end. Carry a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain if steadiness in your relationship or marriage is what you are seeking. Student Monkeys have a teacher or older relative wanting to help them. Listen to their advice. Studying comes easily now, but keep up with your hard work.


ROOSTER's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West) Luck Star Rating

Illness and weakened energy are a real possibility for Roosters now, with the yearly and monthly #2 Illness Star present. You’ll need to take extra care of yourself with rest, healthy eating and taking action at the first sign of an illness to prevent it getting worse. A Rooster who already has a health issue should avoid sleeping in the West sector. Placing a substantial-sized Wu Lou there such as the Golden Wu Lou with Garuda or Brass Ru Yi Ji Xiang Wu Lou (L) could help ward off problems. Accidents are also a part of the 2 Star’s energy, so reduce activities that are risky or dangerous. Wear a Jade Wu Lou Pendant or carry a Garuda Wulou Keychain for protecion. Work could be hectic and you may want to hurry through projects just to get them done, whether or not your work is at peak level. Take your time, instead, and ask for help. Alert your boss if you feel you may miss a deadline. Avoid new projects until you complete the current ones. Trying to do everything on your own is not good this month, because your immune system and energy levels could be affected by this. There’s no shame in depending on others more.

Love is perhaps the highlight of your month, with singles potentially meeting a special someone. Don’t over analyze – go with your romantic intuition. Students need to work hard and begin projects early to meet deadlines. You may feel disappointed in yourself right now if you’re not at peak form, but don’t be. Display a A Pair of Jumping Carps for Career Success if you need Feng Shui help.


DOG's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (NorthWest)  Luck Star Rating

A doubling of the #1 Victory Star ensures that Dogs have strong energy and the motivation to succeed. You’ll feel confident and eager to overcome competition. Be alert for new opportunities and offers. If something feels right, pursue it. Odds are, the #1 Star will drive you forward. Your hard work pays off, even if you may momentarily feel intimidated if you have to work closely with your boss. Trust yourself and don’t feel the need to seek constant approval. Benefits arise from social or business events, where you could make important contacts who help now and later. Anything the Dog undertakes now has a good success potential, so take some risks and follow your instincts. Wear the Jade Bamboo Pendant for Success or carry a Winning Luck Victory Banner Amulet Keychain. Feng Shui enhancers to be placed in the NW that you can use are 5 Element Banner of Victory, Power Elephant with Warrior or Bejeweled Kubera Riding Horse.

Love possibilities are strong for Dogs, with plenty of admirers available. Display a Rose Quartz Faithful Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to spur your love luck. Ironically, you may instead be more interested in other areas of life that are more important to you. Even though you care about someone, you may have to admit that you want to take things slowly. Student Dogs have confidence and can succeed in exams, perhaps winning an award or scholarship. Young 12-year-old Fire Dogs suddenly grow up and are focused on their academic future.


BOAR's 2018 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest)  Luck Star Rating

Victory luck from double #1 Victory Stars takes center stage in the Boar’s chart now. Success is there for the taking and Boars are confident and enthusiastic enough to be ready for it. However, change is also part of the #1’s influence. This can be very good, signaling new opportunities and projects. For some, though, letting go of what’s been comfortable could come as a shock. To encourage the whirlwind of success, feng shui advice promotes displaying the Three Victory Warrior Flag or Power Elephant with Warrior in the Northwest sector. All of this success can double the workload for Boars, so organizing tasks and priorities is key. The Small Auspicious Star is also present, meaning not only major victory but several small ones, too. They may seem minor but are stepping stones to a larger goal. In spite of how smoothly things seem to occur, there could still be small roadblocks to be aware of. Don’t become discouraged. Carry the Brown Tribute Horse with Plate of Auspicious Fruits Keychain or Trinity of Victory Horses Hanging Keychain.

Boars seek more serious, long-term love now, rather than a fling. Married Boars are very peaceful this month, and singles should consider carefully whether someone is truly the right one. Enhance you love luck with a Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck. Students do well at school, leading fellow students in activities and study groups.       


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