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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope 2018 - 4th Month (May 6 - Jun 5, 2018)

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RAT (North) - Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Rats must use caution now, since two negative stars appear in their chart. The #5 Misfortune Star has already been around and it’s joined by the #7 Loss Star, so loss, robbery, betrayal and violence are real possibilities. Avoid risks and carry the Anti-Robbery Amulet to lessen the danger. Betrayal could come on a personal or professional level, but rise above the hurt and create your own happiness. Work and career activities will depend more on your own actions than the teamwork you may have had. No matter how hard you try to work with others, they could disappoint you or harm your integrity. Avoid big meetings or sharing ideas or plans, because a money loss could result from this. Display a Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras to overcome the #7 Star. You should carry an Anti Burglary Keychain and hang a Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet throughout the month. Make sure you have a Five Element Pagoda in place.

Students need to take small steps forward because there’s still much to learn. Carry a Education & Scholastic Keychain to enhance academic luck. In love, relationships suffer and you could feel hurt by your partner’s words or actions. Try letting hard feelings roll off your back and focus more on yourself than on what others think of you. Display a Rose Quartz Crystal Point in your bedroom to enhance love luck.


OX (NorthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Negative effects of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star threaten the Ox, especially in business and financial areas, and the #3 Quarrelsome Star adds to the problem, bringing possible arguments or even legal issues. Placing a Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda or Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda in the Northeast is a wise suggestion for protection. This month is about lying low and avoiding risks or arguments. Even a previous work ally could turn on you, trying to harm your reputation. It’s important now to trust no one completely, and focus on your own ideas and work rather than sharing with co-workers. Still, unexpected problems could arise and you may feel overwhelmed. Fight the urge to participate in arguments or office gossip, because you or someone else could do or say something harmful. Wearing a High Quality Laughing Buddha Obsidian Pendant or carrying a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain helps boost confidence and ward off tension.

Students feel insecure about their work or themselves. Stay focused on your good points and don’t let others drag you down. Carry a Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain to strengthen your academic. Love is not good now, and singles may do well putting off the dating scene. Existing relationships could fill with tension, so watch what you say or do. Display a Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (M) in your bedroom to enhance love luck. Carry a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Tigers experience the #5’s Misfortune energy and need to watch their back against someone bad-mouthing them. Avoid risks and take time with actions or decisions. Trust no one completely and carry the 5 Element Pagoda Keychain for protection. You must also display a 6" Heart Sutra Pillar or Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda in the NE this month. Rumors could spread at work, so keep to yourself when possible and avoid office politics. A Rooster on your desk is suggested to “peck away” negativity. Lie low, work more on your own, and develop a harder skin against words or actions of others, because stress could occur otherwise. Stick with plans and projects you know well rather than starting something new. This is a good time to get away for a bit if possible. It refreshes your mind and body and takes you out of the work environment.

Students may learn slower than usual since concentration is low. Keeping a quartz crystal nearby helps with focus. Single Tigers could come on too strong now in love, so relax and enjoy dating with less pressure. Forcing a relationship could backfire. Let a partner contribute to the romance, and be a lady or gentleman rather than seeming desperate.


RABBIT (East) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Watch your step, Rabbits – negative stars in your chart now could bring harm your way. The #7 Robbery/Loss Star’s presence threatens money loss or theft as well as betrayal. And the #9 Magnifying Star arrives to lend potent energy to this havoc. Work and career efforts could be stressful, with jealousy coming from others, so even when things go fairly well, keep it quiet to avoid envy. Lie low and expect some obstacles to arise. You may also feel overwhelmed with projects that began a couple of months ago when things were better. Re-schedule meetings and scale back efforts. Now’s not the time to hire new people or begin new ventures. The increased #7 energy could create personal or property danger, so display a Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras or Anti Burglary Plaque in the Northeast. Carrying the Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain offers protection, too, especially when you go out. Hang a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet in your car.

New love relationships don’t fare well now, so it’s best to stay casual in a relationship rather than rushing in. Love luck will return, but now’s not the best time. Enahnce your love luck by placing a Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple in your bedroom.


DRAGON (SouthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

A double dose of lucky stars increase good fortune for Dragons now. Be prepared to take advantage of them. The #8 Wealth Star is already in your annual chart and it’s joined now by the monthly #1 Victory Star, enhancing the Big Auspicious energy. Look for new opportunities or new beginnings – even big changes in your life, including a move, new job or new partner. To magnify this Victory luck and help overcome competition, carry the Winning Luck Victory Banner Amulet Keychain. Business and career matters are easy this month if you keep positive and get sleep, relax and set reasonable goals and plans. Don’t hesitate planning something bigger, but be sure your research is done and your motivation is strong. Boost your victory luck by placing a Power Elephant with Warrior or 5 Element Banner of Victory in the Southeast.

Students find studies and exams easy and successful. Aiming higher than usual still works well. Dragons have love luck and more than one admirer. Enjoy this without leading someone on. If you have a partner already and feel ready for something deeper – move forward.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

The presence of the #8 Wealth Star and the #1 Victory Star offers success with money, love and career. Follow your intuition and be ready for changes. Your positive attitude attracts success and helps overcome competition. Displaying the Power Elephant with Warrior or 5 Element Banner of Victory in your Southeast sector and carrying the Winning Luck Victory Banner Amulet Keychain are excellent ways to maximize winning elements. Things will be busy on the job, but you’ll rise to the occasion. Make the most of things, even if tasks temporarily stress you. A job change could arise but make sure it’s what’s best for you before moving on. Be open to new projects with your current job, too, because once you finish something, you’ll want to keep the momentum going. Let others become involved in your daily tasks while you make deals.

The student can achieve excellent study success now – take advantage of this positive influence. Display a Clear Crystal Globe (l) on your study desk for heightened education luck. In love, release the past, welcome a new focus and if it means a shift in priorities or goals, it’s fine. If you’re in a new relationship, think whether it’s worth continuing – be honest with yourself. Others could feel that they’re with “the one” and should take the relationship to a deeper level. A Pair of Mandarin Ducks can improve your love luck in Feng Shui.


HORSE (South) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Good luck returns to Horses and stress levels calm down due to the #6 Heavenly Star. Blessings of all sorts arrive and a mentor could help provide added support. This isn’t the time to shy away from opportunities or open doors – step forward and charge ahead. At work, your boss and co-workers show support and they listen to your ideas and plans. With so many possibilities in your career, it may feel a bit overwhelming, but keep a slow and steady pace and only take on a workload you feel confident in mastering. Your instincts are strong and if your knowledge and research support your plans, all is well. Capture the auspicious energy of the Heavenly Star by displaying a Gui Ren Plaque or 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque in the South. Carry also a Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet Keychain.

Students feel strong about studies and a mentor or teacher could help with progress. You’ll shine in the creative arts now. Carry a Education & Scholastic Keychain to capture good academic luck. A happy love life comes to singles who attend social events now. If someone has already caught your eye, make your feelings known because they should be well-received. An unexpected love could also appear, even from a blind date. Use the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (M) to enhance your love luck.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

The monthly #8 Prosperity Star showers Sheep with rewards, even extending beyond wealth. Move ahead with plans and ideas and be confident of a good outcome. Follow your heart and instincts, even if slight obstacles come along. Even when work and career matters run smoothly, don’t rest on your laurels or you could miss something promising. Let go of any hard feelings and ignore grudges. Allow trusted staff to keep things running smoothly, leaving you time for important or new endeavors. Money flow looks good and you could even afford to focus on pursuits outside work. Activate the Wealth Star by placing The Mountain of Gold or Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree in the Southwest. Carry also a Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree Keychain or The Stupa of 8 Doors to Abundance Keychain. Hang a Yellow Jasper Ten Coins Feng Shui Tassel in your car.

Study success comes easily for student Sheep, especially if working alone. A new project or area of study comes along, helping increase your grades and status, but don’t let pressure overwhelm you. If you need better luck in education department, carry a Education & Scholastic Keychain. Romance brings several admirers but don’t feel pressured to settle down. If you’re lonely, keep dating, but look for a spiritual and physical connection – a soul mate is worth holding out for. Wear a High Grade Jade Peach Heart Shape Pendant to enhance your love luck.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the MonthLuck Star Rating

There’s auspicious good fortune for Monkeys now, with money luck from the #8 Prosperity Star. But good luck extends beyond money and you can achieve goals with higher energy. Projects go well and even things you doubted before can come to fruition. A good rapport with co-workers helps you gain support for your ideas. But even though things go well, take advantage of good career and business luck to push forward. Wearing the 925 Silver Mystic Knot Pendant with Green Swarovski Crystals or a jade amulet encourages overflowing prosperity, as does placing a Bejeweled Mystic Knot or Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree in your Southwest sector.

Student Monkeys excel in all subjects, even ones not usually very appealing. Learning energy is strong – be open to it. Love is delightful now and Monkeys in a relationship find better communication and understanding, with happier times together. Singles connect with loving possibilities, so be open to making a connection, since a lasting romance could grow if you’re patient. Carry a Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck to give your love luck an extra boost.


ROOSTER (West) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Relationships of all types get a boost from the #4 Peach Blossom Star now. Whether it’s friends, family, business or romantic, you’ll be popular and others respond to your charm. Put your knowledge to its best use at work and it helps you forge ahead, impressing your co-workers and a boss that you’re more than just charming. You’ll need to work hard and take the initiative in matters and when you do, results pay off. Your ideas are creative and keep flowing so fast that you’ll appreciate support and teamwork from others you trust in order to do all that you want to do.

For students, the #4 is also the Scholastic Star, bringing study luck and advancement toward future education and eventually a job, if you work hard and stay focused. Carry a Dragon Gate Scholastic Keychain to boost academic luck. Romance is blessed by the #4, so singles have a good chance of finding a soul mate. Those in a relationship may take things to the next step. But married Roosters must be aware of potential for infidelity by yourself or your partner. Wear a Golden Rooster with Fan Pendant Necklace for protection from third party interference in your relationships.


DOG (NorthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Hostility clouds the month for Dogs, with the #3 Quarrelsome Star’s presence. You and those around you are prone to bad tempers and getting into arguments. Too much of this hostile energy could result in a legal matter. To lessen the #3’s harm, wear red and carry the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain. Display a Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque or Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star in the NW. Work and career matters suffer from aggressive tension – be careful not to let it affect your work or decision-making. Put off signing contracts or attending major meetings. Avoid taking part in a minor argument that could turn major because of someone’s (or your) words or actions. Keeping more to yourself is good and you can still get work done with less stress.

Students do well to spend time alone, but should be open to advice from an older, wiser person, to avoid arguments or making mistakes. Carry a 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain to enhance scholastic luck. Love and romance are subject to anger now, too. Singles would be better off dating casually if at all, because things may not go well. In a relationship, watch what you say or do and how you interpret things, because a lover’s spat could turn serious. Carrying the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain can help keep relationships happier.


BOAR (Northwest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Beware angry energy now. The #3 Quarrelsome Star creates a bad temper in you and those around you. Lie low and wait for arguments to blow over or you could say or do something you’ll regret. Carrying the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain or Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Keychain helps tame hostility, as does displaying the Manjushri Flaming Sword or Red Feng Shui Crystal ball on stand in your Northwest sector. Work and career are impacted by the #3. Ignore hurtful comments and actions and work on your own for best results. Placing a Ru Yi on your desk helps you make wise decisions. Follow instructions and act within work policies so no one has the right to complain about you. You have good ideas and plans, but stick with safe ideas for now.

Students could want to rebel against hard work or tedious studies. Remember – your school days will end soon enough. Get your education now to prepare for a better future. Display a Golden 9 Level Feng Shui Wen Chang Pagoda in your study room to enhance academic luck. Love and romance suffer from the #3. Couples could face anything from a minor blow-up to a major argument causing lasting harm. Keeping calm is necessary. Singles or those in new relationships would be best to wait to make a big move, because tension could escalate easily.    



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