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Monthly Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscope 2017 - 11th Month (Dec 7 2017 - Jan 5, 2018)

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RAT (North) - Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

For the second time this year, the #3 Quarrelsome Star has landed in the Rat’s chart, causing irritability, disagreements and possible legal issues. Make an effort to keep calm and stay away from situations where arguments could ensue. In business and career, don’t be impulsive, and realize that plans or projects could go wrong. Instead of blaming others, look for ways around the problem. Ask co-workers for help if necessary – they’ll feel worthwhile and needed. If disagreements arise, walk away rather than trying to make a point – you could say or do something that’s misinterpreted or is harsh. Avoid signing contracts or documents now. Feng shui advice suggests subduing the North sector of your home or office to calm the #3’s angry energy with Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque. Carrying the Peace and Harmony Amulet helps calm tempers, too.

Students face challenges and may be disappointed with progress. Carry a Clear Quartz Pagoda Amulet for study luck. Don’t let this anger you. Ask for help from teachers or friends. This is not a loving month for Rats, as bad tempers carry over to romance. Avoid small disagreements with a partner that could turn ugly and take private time to ease conflict. To enhance your love luck, display a Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple in the North sector.


OX (NorthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Good fortune arrives for the Ox, with help from the #1 Victory Star. Harmony and success are sure to follow. Now is the time to be ambitious and goal-oriented. Stay focused and don’t try to do everything at once – even a small victory opens a door to another one. In business or career matters, you may want to take on new responsibilities or learn new skills. Go for it!  Others will support your efforts and new friends could be made. Changes in thinking or methods of work are favored now – dream big and work hard because success is likely. Enhance your winning luck with Power Elephant with Warrior in the NE and carry a Victory-Enhancing Talisman Keychain.

Students enjoy mentor luck, and someone who believes in you (a parent, teacher or professor) is likely to offer suggestions and opportunities. Be grateful! Love is in the air for the Ox. Singles could find a special someone. Those in a relationship should make sure it’s the right one. Don’t force love or play games. If you’re not feeling it, maybe you’re with the wrong person. The married or committed Ox could enjoy a vacation together now to rekindle the flame. Place a Crystal Ball - Rose Quartz in your bedroom to promote harmony.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

The #1 Victory Flying Star encourages success luck for the Tiger. A promotion, bonus, scholarship or other “reward” is possible. You’ll need to work for it, but luck’s on your side. Changes are indicated for the Tiger – follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to try something new. If an old method isn’t working, change or improve it, even a little. Business and career matters are strong. Keep your work effort strong and you can be noticed. Learning a new skill could help you shine. Enhance your luck to triumph in any endeavors with a Power Elephant with Warrior in the NE and carrying a Brown Tribute Horse with Plate of Auspicious Fruits Keychain.

Students have study luck and are impressive with their communication skills in speeches or reports. A teacher or professor could notice you and you could be up for a grant, scholarship or internship. Love and romance look good. Singles could have several admirers to choose from. Take things easy and don’t try too hard. Keep options open, but don’t lead more than one person on. Married or committed Tigers enjoy romance, but beware the possibility of infidelity. Carry a Rose Quartz Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet.


RABBIT (East) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Rabbits enjoyed good luck last month, but unfortunately that’s about to change. The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star brings negativity that will need serious efforts to contain or suppress it. Avoid confrontations or competition at work, and develop a tougher skin to stand up to anyone trying to take advantage of you. Obstacles you encounter now force you to think creatively and question your decisions. If some plan or financial effort is not going well, call an end to it before it gets worse. Keeping a positive attitude and looking into the future more than the right now will help. A feng shui Five Yellow Cure such as the Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda placed in the East, your home sector, helps calm misfortune. Keeping this sector quiet also tames negativity. You are advised to carry also the 5 Element Sun & Moon Pagoda Talisman Keychain.

Students could have difficulty concentrating, causing a mistake or problems with an assignment. Step away and recharge your batteries. Wear a Stainless Steel Feng Shui Pagoda Pendant for better education luck. Conflict also arises in love, partly by your own doing. You could be debating whether to enter a relationship, or could become involved in a love triangle. It’s best now to put less emphasis on love and enjoy alone time instead. Place the Golden Mandarin Ducks for Love Luck in your bedroom for enhanced love and romantic luck.


DRAGON (SouthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Blessings come to Dragons from the #6 Heaven Flying Star. Luck improves, new opportunities arise, and a mentor could appear. Don’t hold back now. Follow your dreams and be ready to make changes. Meet new people or join organizations through networking. Business and career efforts are promising and you’ll work well with others. You may want to move up the ladder toward leadership, and a promotion or career change is possible. While you’re growing and expanding, don’t forget employees or co-workers, because their support helps you and them. This could be the time to learn something new and a class or convention may interest you. Boost your Heaven's luck with Royal Emblems Mirror in the SE and carrying a Heaven Luck Activator Feng Shui Keychain.

Students have mentor possibilities now, in the form of a teacher, older sibling or parent. Enjoy this help. Love and romance shine now, so make time in your schedule for enjoyment with a partner. Singles could find love unexpectedly – even from a blind date, so keep an open mind and don’t say “no” too quickly.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Heavenly luck from the #6 Flying Star delivers an exciting month for Snakes. Problems or obstacles from the past have a way of being resolved, perhaps with the help of a mentor. Keep relaxed, trust your luck and follow your instincts. You’ll have support from your boss and co-workers, and let a higher up notice your hard work. New doors open and so many opportunities could find you that you’ll need to take time and evaluate what to explore. Some projects could seem better than they are, so don’t rush in uninformed. Your Qui Ren or Mentor luck now is impressive, so activate it by carrying a Qui Ren Talisman for Success Keychain and displaying a Gui Ren Plaque in the North or Southeast sector.

Snake students should be on the lookout for a mentor who wants to help advise and support you. It could be a teacher, older sibling or parent. Love is magical for Snakes! If there’s someone you desire, turn up your charisma and they could fall under your spell. But take things slowly and know that others admire you, too. Carry the Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck for good love and marriage luck.


HORSE (South) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

Even though your inner essence and life force are good, a weakened immune system due to the #2 Illness Star puts the Horse at risk of disease and accidents. It’s made worse as it combines with the annual Wu Wang. Be content to take small steps rather than going after too much and harming yourself. Feng shui advice includes carrying the Health Amulet now, and placing a Garuda Bird next to your bed to ward off illness. At work, take breaks rather than pushing too hard or taking on too many projects and not being able to meet deadlines. With more rest, you have the best of chance of doing your best. Avoid risks with finances and don’t begin a new partnership. Conserve your energy for what you truly feel you can handle. Wearing white or metallic shades helps increase your Metal element energy – take advantage of this.

Students should take it easy in between studies, to conserve energy. Display a Clear Crystal Globe (l) to enhance education luck. The married Horse finds support from a spouse during this time, so don’t hesitate to ask for help or suggestions. Sharing a problem could bring you closer, whereas holding in your worries could pull you apart. Display a Crystal Pyramid - Rose Quartz in your bedroom to strengthen spousal bond.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the Month Luck Star Rating

There is good luck ahead for the Sheep in love and career, but it will take effort. This is still better news than last month, and the #4 Flying Star is responsible. Networking works well now, since your people skills are high. Much can be gained from social or business gatherings. In business, keep the long range picture in sight instead of focusing on small issues that upset you or make you feel impatient. You may want to learn a new skill or find a way to improve your work now. The more you improve, the more confident you are, and others will notice. Enjoy the help and support from colleagues who’ll be intrigued by your heightened charisma and your ideas. For extra luck in your career, display a Blue Crystal Feng Shui Globe in the SW.

Students do well scholastically and learn quickly. It’s good to work hard now, but get sufficient rest, too. Display a A Pair of Jumping Carps in your study room for good examination luck. Your charm and confidence are helpful in romance now, too. Singles could attract several admirers, but don’t let this make you arrogant. Stay grounded and fit in romance around other interests. Sheep in a relationship need to take a step forward if they feel serious about someone. A wedding or engagement is even a possibility! Use the Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck as a Feng Shui enhancer for love luck.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the MonthLuck Star Rating

This month is about relationships for Monkeys, whether personal, business or scholastic in nature. The #4 Flying Star is responsible. Luck will be good, but this is also the time for improvement. Consider learning a new skill or finding new ways to increase productivity. At work, evaluate your situation and don’t be afraid of change. You’ll need to keep up with others by stepping up your game or the competition could pass you by. Some conflict or oversensitivy is possible at work, so don’t get involved in a discussion where you say or do something wrong. This will be a potential challenge, but your people skills prevail. Enhance the #4 Star to give your luck a boost with Brass Double Carps Crossing Dragon Gate in the SW.

Students have luck in exams and learn easily due to a heightened energy and sharpened mind. Place a 9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda in the Southwest for good scholastic luck. Just make sure to get enough sleep in between school and leisure times. Single Monkeys have an exciting month romantically, with several admirers. Just avoid a triangle or getting involved with someone slightly dangerous. Married Monkeys must use caution because temptation threatens and it could entice you to act on it, harming your current relationship, unless you’re ready for a change. Carry a Marriage Saver Keychain to protect from third party interfering your relationship.


ROOSTER (West) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the MonthLuck Star Rating

Last month’s energy continues to fuel the fire of strength and courage for Roosters. Opportunities abound but careful consideration is needed before entering a partnership or negotiation. Taking your time is much better than rushing in. You’ll be tempted to be overly enthusiastic at work, which is contagious to co-workers, but keep a level head and consider everything carefully. If in doubt, lay groundwork for the future in some areas rather than acting quickly. The #9 Future Prosperity Star affects your chart, which is good but all the more reason to see the big picture and have patience. Display a 9 Rings Dragon Sword in the West and carry a 9 Ring Sword Keychain to awaken your future wealth star.

Students enjoy school studies but also activities such as sports, music or a special non-academic club. The Rooster’s confidence and enthusiasm is appealing to possible love interests now. Your #9 fiery energy brings passion and you could find a special someone. Just make sure the relationship is right before getting caught up in emotions too deeply. Rose Quartz Crystal Point is an excellent love luck enhancer.


DOG (NorthWest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the MonthLuck Star Rating

Once again, the Dog enjoys a fortunate sum-of-ten created by the combination of the #8 Prosperity Star and the #2 Star. This creates completion luck with good financial results. The sum-of-ten is not always available, so take advantage while it’s there. A promotion or added responsibility is possible, so take on challenges you feel could lead to success and assume a leadership role when necessary.  Share ideas and be useful to co-workers or a boss. Your confidence and energy help you overcome competition now. Don’t lose sight of the people aspects of your life, though. Family and friends still deserve your attention. Spending quality time with them helps relax you – necessary because the #2 Star threatens illness. Lowering stress is one way to help avoid it. Activate your Wealth Star with Bejeweled Mystic Knot in the NW and carry a Wealth Trees Feng Shui Keychain.

Students enjoy education luck and the sum-of-ten increases this. Balance relaxation and studies, however. Love and romance are featured for Dogs and singles have no problem attracting admirers. Find someone special before committing, though. You may meet someone in an unusual way as a result of socializing more. A previous friendship may even heat up into something more. Use the Wishfulfilling Bejeweled Pair of Mandarin Ducks to give your love luck a boost.


BOAR (Northwest) – Horoscope Luck Forecast for the MonthLuck Star Rating

The auspicious sum-of-ten is created by the presence of the #8 Wealth Star and the #2 Star, which usually denotes illness but is lessened due to the combination with the #8. Successes may come slowly or be smaller in nature, but don’t be discouraged. Work hard and stay positive. You’re still progressing and succeeding. Take advantage of the month to make deals and plans while wealth luck is with you. Fully activate the #8 Prosperity Star which in turn enhance the sum-of-ten with The Mountain of Gold in the NW. Carry also a Stupa of 8 Doors to Abundance Keychain. You’re super productive at work and others notice and support you, perhaps leading to a promotion. To attract this, place a Monkey Seated on a Horse or an Elephant in your work space’s Northwest sector. With your good fortune, you can expect good cash flow, especially if you go after new customers or better sales. Even slight risks or new opportunities can be right for you now.

Boar students have an active, creative and productive month at school. Boars are so focused on success that they need to remind themselves to relax, release stress, and pursue love if possible. If you do so, the right person could enter your life and lead to great happiness.


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