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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast 2016-2017 - 6th Month (July 7 - Aug 7, 2016)

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RAT (North) -  Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Rats experience a fortunate 2/7 Ho Tu combination, promising good fortune, especially where Big Money luck is concerned. Investments reap rewards and business ventures thrive. But the #2 Illness Star is part of that Ho Tu, threatening many areas of your life. There will be many business opportunities but low energy or a bout with a cold or flu could affect your enthusiasm and stamina. Get more rest and share the workload with those you trust. Teamwork will help you achieve what you want. The #2 can leave Student Rats feeling stressed and exhausted, too – so cut back on some socializing and get rest. The feng shui cure of the Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness can be used to ward off illness, so placing it in your North sector or on your bedside is suggested. Carry a Bunch of Jade Wu Lou Hanging.

Love shows promise now, with relationships deepening, even leading to an engagement, wedding or vow renewal. Single Rats could find romance, too. Carrying the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain can offer feng shui help in finding or keeping your soul mate.


OX (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things move quickly now, but that’s not always a good thing. The #9 Magnifying Star is with you, but it’s magnifying the effects of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. You’ll have plenty of opportunities and responsibilities but may feel rushed to make them happen, leading to hasty decisions or mistakes. Delay anything you can and rely on friends or co-workers for advice and help. Trusted co-workers or employees will help but others could not, if they don’t see what’s in it for them. Competition arises and you’ll need to stay smart and alert. Setbacks could occur but don’t let them harm you. Don’t take on too much or take risks. Feng shui belief suggests placing the 4 inch Luck Transforming Fan on your desk to help turn around negative energy. Carry a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain.

Love and romance are in the air, but the single Ox should avoid getting too serious yet. The married or committed Ox must use caution because infidelity is a possibility. Rely on your head, not your heart, and carry the Obsidian Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet to help protect you from temptation. 


TIGER (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The #9 Magnifying Star arrives, speeding up your pace, but not always in a good way. It magnifies the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star in your chart, requiring you to use caution, avoid risks and think carefully. Opportunities and new responsibilities will present themselves but cause you stress trying to keep up with them. Step back and breathe deeply to avoid wrong decisions or mistakes. Work quietly at sharpening your time management skills, and use your mind to find creative ways to avoid burnout. Competition is high, so make it appear you’re working hard without risking your health. Displaying the 4 inch Luck Transforming Fan on your desk can help fight off negative energy now. This applies to student Tigers, also. Carry a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain.

Your love life could suffer because of the fast pace – not much time left for romance. If you’re in a relationship, you may have to concentrate more on love or risk losing or offending a partner. Single Tigers would do well to settle for lighthearted romantic fun rather than a major romance. Nothing can enhance love luck like the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) does.


RABBIT (East) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Luck improves for Rabbits now, bringing happiness and contentment. The #4 Peach Blossom Star in your chart contributes to this by bringing relationship luck in all areas. This is the time to network, socialize and make the most of friendships and work relationships. At work, people will notice your upbeat attitude and be drawn to it. Teamwork runs high and ar youe open to new opportunities and responsibilities. Because you’re productive and have support, don’t hesitate to take on larger goals rather than several smaller ones. Students are helped by the Scholastic Star, too, with good study luck. Carry a Aventurine Pagoda Amulet to boost academic luck.

Love is heightened for single Rabbits, who crave physical contact now and could find an excellent romance. For married or committed Rabbits, though – if you’ve been having relationship problems, they could be heightened and one or both of you could be tempted to stray because of this, so beware. Carry a Rooster with Fan and Amethyst Keychain for protection.


DRAGON (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Your yearly luck is quite auspicious, but this month will be a low point. It’s more aggravating than devastating but you still need to proceed with caution. The #5 Misfortune Star is responsible for this, causing loss of patience…or your temper. Stress could arise at work, with Dragons feeling unprepared to tackle certain responsibilities. On top of the #5 Star, your element chart reveals a weakened inner essence, causing lack of confidence and self esteem. Lie low at work, keep more to yourself, and try to work on your inner self rather than taking business or financial risks. Taking a vacation would be an excellent idea now. Student Dragons experience similar energy, leading to lack of concentration and poor studies. Display the 8 inch Golden Mantra Pagoda or 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in the Southeast sector to improve emotions and stress levels. Carry a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain.

Don’t expect much in love, because you normally have high expectations and standards and many will not be able to meet them. Take romance less seriously and keep things simple – there’s time later for a deeper connection. Rose quartz crystals is an excellent stone to enhance love luck.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star hits Snakes hard now. Remember – this is temporary. Obstacles or setbacks will arise and rivals could try to backstab or use office politics at work. Your best advice is to disregard what others say or do. Be dependable, work hard and watch your back. When possible, avoid new projects and delay major meetings because your communication skills are off. Removing yourself from the work environment would be a wise idea if you have vacation time available. Carrying a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain and placing a 6 inch Golden Mantra Pagoda in your Southeast sector could lessen negativity now. Student Snakes should keep studies and friendships separate to avoid being taken advantage of.

Misunderstandings play havoc with love this month. Single Snakes would do well to avoid beginning a new relationship. Married or committed Snakes need to tread lightly to stay away from things that often trigger arguments, because these could escalate into serious relationship trouble.

In love, the Snake seeks to feel additional affection from their partner. If you feel your partner isn’t giving this, be careful not to stray. Talk things out and work together through this. Single Snakes fare better in love now, but may have to take the first step if someone interests them. Enhance your love luck with Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L).


HORSE (South) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Two fortunate stars land in your chart – the #1 Victory Star and the #6 Heaven Star, both bringing blessings to you. Together, they form the auspicious 1/6 Ho Tu, promising many changes leading to even more future luck. Welcome these changes and make informed decisions instead of fearing what’s ahead. The cautious business approach used last month can be loosened. Be braver and have confidence. You’ll experience teamwork and support but take charge when you feel good about something. A promotion or elevation could well be yours. Gui Ren (mentor) luck is yours now. You can encourage it by carrying the Gui Ren Talisman for Success Keychain and displaying a Gui Ren Plaque. A fresh approach and new ideas will come to you, so take action and stay positive.

Changes in love may occur, too. This could mean taking a relationship to the next level, but also realizing a relationship is over. Accepting this and moving on may be painful, but know that this is for the best. Rose quartz is a great crystal to help love luck.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Luck is mixed now. On the negative side, the #3 Hostility Star creates misunderstandings, conflict and a short temper. But the #8 Prosperity Star is also with you, forming the 3/8 Ho Tu, giving you influence over others. Even when you are involved in conflict, you tend to stay strong and can rise above it. Negativity could arise at work, so try to avoid conflict and curb your temper. Your power of influence and persuasion makes this a good time to promote yourself or your company, but make sure you are truthful or a legal issue could arise. To help control the #3 Star, feng shui experts suggest placing a Feng Shui Fire Red Ball in your Southwest sector at work or home. Carrying the Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony could help turn negative chi to positive. Students seeking a leadership position in a club or in running for an office do well with the 3/8 Ho Tu energy.

Love is not positive now. The #3’s hostility makes you difficult to be around, especially when you’re in a relationship. Those seeking new love can get by on their charisma now. Display a Dragon & Phoenix on Ingot to enhance relationship luck.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

A mixture of luck comes your way. The nasty #3 Quarrelsome Star arrives, threatening arguments in all areas of your life. But it’s joined by the #8 Prosperity Star, which forms the 3/8 Ho Tu. So if you do face hostilities, you should be able to persuade people to like you, anyway. Your work environment is rocky so try to avoid taking part in debates or making strong comments. This is not the time to sign contracts or enter new partnerships or deals because a legal issue could arise, even though it starts fairly innocently. Place a Feng Shui Fire Red Ball in SW and carry a Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony. Student Monkeys experience recognition luck and excel in a sport or skill now. Expand your knowledge!

Single Monkeys should keep dating on a casual level now because you could appear too intense or difficult. Those in a relationship could be easily offended by a partner and need to watch what they say to avoid a major fight. Display a Dragon & Phoenix on Ingot to enhance relationship luck.


ROOSTER (West) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Major luck shines on you now, in many ways. The #8 Prosperity Star is responsible, delivering wealth and abundant opportunities. In addition, your Metal element is strengthened, giving you energy to work hard in order to reap rewards. You may be experimenting with new plans or using new skills with much success. Because of your positive energy and productivity, you may be promoted or noticed by someone in a position above you. Your enthusiasm and creative ideas help you tap into the heightened financial success promised by the #8. Activate this star by carrying a Jade Mystic Knot with Eight Flowers Hanging and displaying a Citrine Crystal Ball (m) for Wealth Luck in the West. Student Roosters share this good energy and could suddenly feel more mature and goal-oriented.

Love and romance beckon and single Roosters could find someone special. If you have a partner in mind, let your feelings be known. Some will even be thinking of getting engaged or married. If this is your desire, display the Double Happiness Plaque in your bedroom. Married or committed Roosters experience auspicious romance luck, also.


DOG (NorthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The dangerous #7 Robbery Star lands in your chart, threatening loss, betrayal or even violence. Feng shui amulets like the Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet would be very helpful. Display an Anti Burglary Plaque in the NW to offer a barrior against this negativity. This is the time to keep your guard up, even with friends, because no one should be 100% trusted. Strangely, one good thing in your chart is the presence of the #3 Quarrelsome Star. While it can create arguments or misunderstandings, when paired with the #7 it creates the fortunate sum-of-ten, meaning that in spite of struggles, you can be triumphant. Office politics, jealousy and backstabbing do occur at work, and normally you would not fight back, but you may need to now, if pushed too far. The sum-of-ten gives you creative ideas and confidence, which you should use on your own to avoid being undermined. Student Dogs do well now if they stay true to themselves.

Love may not be wildly passionate now, and you possibly couldn’t handle it if it were. This month is more about feeling comfortable and content with someone rather than seeking adventure or pleasure. To enhance love and romance luck, we highly recommend any enhancer made of Rose Quartz.


BOAR (Northwest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Disturbing energy arrives now, in the form of the #7 Violent Star. Keep your guard up against betrayal, robbery or even violence. Focus on home and personal security – don’t stay out late or visit dangerous areas. Feng Shui cures for this star is the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn. Carry an Anti-Burglary Amulet 2016 Keychain. What keeps you from completely negative energy is the #3 Star. It normally brings quarrels or misunderstandings but here forms the lucky sum-of-ten. Despite potential troubles, you can emerge safely when caution is used. Even co-workers or allies could become rivals or turn on you to better themselves. Avoid office politics whenever possible, but do stick up for yourself. Avoid hiring new employees or partners, and steer clear of new deals or agreements. Lie low instead and focus on long-term plans rather than fast results. Students may want to share feelings or confide in a friend, but make sure you choose that person wisely.

Love could go smoothly for those in a relationship or marriage. But if you’ve been having some relationship troubles, they could escalate now, unless you work on smoothing things over and recharge your loving energy. If you don’t, there’s a risk of temptation or infidelity. Carry the Rose Quartz Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet.

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