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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast 2015-2016 - 7th Month (8th Aug 2015 – 7th Sep 2015)

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RAT (North) -  Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things are looking up for the Rat-born, especially where business and love are concerned. New opportunities, new ventures and new rapport with co-workers should help enhance your career aspects. People will be willing to help you; trust in them and see how your network expands for the good, even from unexpected people. You may also find yourself helping others and what you put forth will come back, with rewards for you. If you are pursuing more education or wanting to expand your skills, your scholastic star shines brightly now. Place a Clear Crystal Globe (l) on your workdesk to enhance it.

It won’t be all business, though, Rats! The #4 Romance and Relationship Star lands in your chart this month, promising happiness for those seeking love. You already have admirers, but now is the time to open your heart and let them in, since the potential for real happiness is there. Rats already in a relationship should find smooth sailing, too, and if you are thinking about adding to your family, this could be the perfect time. Place the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf in your bedroom to enhance good love luck.


OX (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Some aspects show promise this month, but the #2 Illness Star flies into your chart, putting a damper on overall happiness. You could tire more easily, or fall prey to colds, headaches or the flu. Get more rest and conserve your energy at this time, and make plans for the future, instead of taking on extra work. This might be a good time to take a short break from responsibilities – consider taking a much-needed vacation. To help manage your poor health luck, try placing a Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque in the Northeast area of your bedroom or another room you frequently use. Another potential feng shui cure is to wear the Medicine Buddha Pendant or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet health charm, to ward off bad illness chi.

In business, this is not the time to go it alone. Don’t be afraid to use your charismatic abilities to ask for help. It may pay off with better camaraderie on the job. If you’re studying new skills or improving your education, balance your studies with relaxation. In romance, it is probably not the time to actively seek new love, but those already in a relationship or solid family situation can recharge their batteries by spending time with loved ones.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Some negative aspects appear in your chart this month, balanced by a helping of decent luck in other areas. The negativity comes from the #2 Illness Star, making you susceptible to low energy and potential illness. Don’t push yourself this month – pamper yourself with extra rest and relaxation. To help control the bad health luck, display a Longevity Knowledge Vase or Golden Brass Wulou for Health Luck in the Northeast section of your bedroom or another frequently-used room. Wearing the Wu Lou health charm is another feng shui cure to fend off illness.

Your business luck could be affected by the #2 Star, so avoid taking on new projects or trying to make an impression. If you’re a manager, delegate work to other employees on your team. Use this time to make future business plans for when you’re stronger. Consider taking a brief, refreshing vacation if possible. Place a Brass Dragon Tortoise with Ruyi on your word desk to improve career luck.

If you’re in a steady love relationship, your partner can provide extra support for you. If that relationship is stressful, take time to discuss problems and rekindle the flame. Single Tigers might consider waiting another month before seeking a new love, when energy is higher.


RABBIT (East) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Get ready for a wonderful month, Rabbits! Not only does the #6 Heavenly Star enter your chart, it combines with your yearly #1 to create the highly auspicious blessing of the Ho Tu of 1/6. You’ll be guided toward mentor luck of wisdom and good judgment and may feel someone is guiding you from above. Hang a 6-Rod Mystic Knot Windchimes in East and carry a 1/6 Hotu Mirror to boost this luck. Young Rabbits especially can feel themselves “growing up” with the chance to improve mentally and intellectually. In work, tap into your good energy and put in extra effort – things will go well and you may be rewarded. You have talent and abilities that should be shared, so go the extra mile and expect to find new opportunities and contacts coming your way. The Ho Tu combination is available to help you take risks and try new ideas. You might also mend fences with someone you had a dispute with.

You’ll be very popular now, and single Rabbits may find several admirers approaching them. Love can bloom from many directions, so keep your eyes open for that special soul mate. Those in relationships should also look forward to extra romance. In either case, with all this love may come the threat of a love triangle or temptation, so beware. Carry a Obsidian Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet.

DRAGON (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Dragons should be cautiously optimistic this month. The negative #7 Robbery Star appears in your chart, so beware of dangers from robbery, theft, violence or being cheated. Avoid trusting anyone too much. However, the #7 Star mixes with your yearly #2 Star to create the Ho Tu of 2/7 – auspicious for money luck. To maximize this luck, carry the 2/7 Hotu Mirror for Big Money, or display it in the Southeast at home or work. Leadership abilities run high now. If you have a team working for you, maintain control and work closely with them, yet allow them to shine and you’ll find greater camaraderie and productivity.

Other feng shui cures for the Violent #7 are the Anti Burglary Totem and Anti Burglary Keychain, or the Night Spot Talisman Amulet Keychain if you must be out late at night. While business success runs high with great opportunities, there is still the need to watch for disloyalty or betrayal, so stay strong and avoid major disappointment. You’ll be busy managing wealth luck opportunities, so this may not be the best time for love relationships, since you may be too preoccupied. It’s ok to take a step back from dating and gather your thoughts. Romance will return later.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Thankfully, your money and business luck run high right now. Opportunities abound and potentially major deals are in the works. However, this doesn’t come without an element of danger. Paying you a visit is the negative #7 Robbery Star, threatening money loss, betrayal or violence. Fortunately, this #7 aligns with the #2 in residence in your chart, forming the lucky Ho Tu Combination of 2/7, indicating possibilities for Big Money! Carrying the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror can help enhance this, and as protection, also carry the Anti Burglary Keychain. This especially applies to female Snakes who are alone at night. Business-wise, things look good, but you’ll need to keep your guard up against backstabbing or office politics. Make sure you are aware of friends and enemies and try not divulge too much information to anyone. Carry or wear a Wu Lou amulet to keep sickness energies at bay.

Love will not be a main factor this month. Single Snakes may be too focused on money or personal goals to seek romance, and turning inward for a change is not bad. Even those in a relationship may respond more to just deep conversation at this time.   


HORSE (South) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Though your overall luck is good, there are some problem areas to be aware of. The #3 Quarrelsome Star visits you and could be the cause of conflicts or anger issues. Thankfully, your yearly #7 Star mixes with the #3, creating the auspicious Sum-of-Ten effect, helping tame issues that may arise. Be careful of your temper this month – you’ll be irritable, which could lead to work problems or even legal issues. Old workplace disagreements may arise again, so tread lightly. Help combat this negative chi with the Feng Shui Fire Red Ball or 4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff. Carry or wear a Protection against Angry People Medallion Keychain/Pendant. If your temper is under control, you’ll find results appear from past work efforts and you can easily make plans for the future. Try not to get frustrated or restless, and look at the overall picture, which is exciting. Your education luck is good, so channel it toward learning a new skill or improving what you already know. Sadly, your love luck is not good right now. The #3 rears its negative head here, threatening quarrels with a loved one fueled by your crankiness. Give your partner the benefit of doubt and try not to jump to wrong conclusions. To protect from gossip and backstabbing, carry a Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Unfortunately, Sheep, this month seems filled with difficult aspects. The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star in the Southwest picks up negative energy. Matters become worse because of the #9 Magnifying Star in your chart, creating magnified Wu Wang. This is the month to lie low in all areas of your life. Wearing auspicious gold jewelry may help you. Also consider wearing the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) for protection, and wearing whites or metallic shades of clothing can help. At work, expect misunderstandings and less than positive reactions to your work. Beware obstacles that slow down your progress, and above all, delay risk-taking or new projects and investments. Place a 6" Heart Sutra Pillar in the Southwest sector. Carry a Heart Sutra Pillar Keychain.

The misfortune could expand to your health as well, so avoid any rough sports or highly energetic activities. If you feel ill, avoid sleeping in the Southwest sector for now. Love is also threatened, Sheep-born. You may not pay attention to a date or partner because your mind is on your other troubles, which may cause hard feelings. If you can, wait to focus on romance till another time.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

You may find rough sailing this month, Monkeys. There’s potential for things to go wrong, perhaps in more than one area at a time. Try not to become overly stressed by this, since it’s only temporary. Causing this negative luck is the #5 Misfortune Star, which appears in your chart, aligning with your #9 Magnifying Star for added negative strength. Your work environment finds your co-workers criticizing you or accusing you of wrongdoing, so it’s best to work alone whenever possible. Even then, it may be impossible not to sense problems coming along, leading to stress and disappointment. Wearing white or metallic shades may help lessen the #5 affliction, but better yet – find time to relax and step away from work to achieve clearer thinking. Display a 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in the Southwest and carry a Kalachakra Stupa Keychain with Lotus Hum for protection.

All of this stress from problems causes you to be more susceptible to illness or accidents, Monkeys, so try to avoid sports, projects at home, or driving too fast. Elderly or ill Monkeys should avoid sleeping in the Southwest sector to help eliminate danger or sickness.
With all of this potential negativity, you may be way too distracted to focus on dating or starting a new relationship. It’s just as well, as you wouldn’t be great company right now. Married Monkeys, however, may be able to count on their spouse for moral and emotional encouragement. Take joy in the little things, and know things will improve. Wear a Laughing Buddha Crystal Pendant Necklace (Jade) to bring joy and peace of mind.


ROOSTER (West) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things are definitely looking up, Roosters, beginning with potential good news that could jumpstart your energies. New opportunities present themselves and you’re up to the challenge, using your wisdom successfully. Young Roosters may face unexpected changes, but if they see this as a chance to mature and learn new skills, it could prove satisfying and a definite confidence booster. The #1 Victory Star is responsible for much of this month’s success, in many areas of your life. Place a Feng Shui Victory Banner here and carry a Victory Banner with Success Amulet Keychain for added ummph!

In business, things may move much more quickly, with more responsibilities arriving. Stay positive and believe in yourself, and you may catch the attention of someone in power. This could lead to a promotion or reassignment. Don’t be afraid to dive into new projects – allow your passion for your career to shine. But even though wealth luck is good, don’t get carried away by “get rich quick” investments. The glow of love is also in the air now. Single Roosters – there could be many possible partners, so choose wisely and take your time. Those already in a relationship could find things heating up. Your chart also shows that some Roosters will be ending a relationship but quickly starting another. Enjoy!


DOG (NorthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

This month is brimming with exciting potential! The #9 Future Prosperity/Magnifying Star speeds your way, bringing wonderful business, financial and perhaps windfall luck. It is joined by the #4 Star already in your chart, doubling the intensity by creating the Ho Tu 4/9 luck. This is the time to plan for your future and expand your business and career. Your energy runs high, so taking risks and working hard should pay off now…and later. Be careful not to become so confident that you overindulge in any way, though, as that could affect your plans. You can magnify luck even more by carrying a 9 Ring Sword Keychain and placing a 4/9 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northwest .

If you’re a manager, feel free to expand your business or add more employees. If you want to expand your skills or learn something new, the timing is right. The strong Fire energy in your chart indicates passion and adventure in your love life. Single Dogs could find a new love which could become serious. In work and love, choose what you do wisely because even the best luck could be stretched too thin.


BOAR (Northwest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Success in business, finance and love can be yours this month. The #9 Future Prosperity/Magnifying Star arrives, joining with your #4 Star to create the auspicious 4/9 Ho Tu. The present is great and it’s also time to set long-range goals. There’s excellent potential for sales, profits, studies and career success. Work hard and patiently let things fully work out. Your high energy will empower you to get noticed at work, leading to new opportunities. Those around you should support and admire you and if you want to expand your business, adding extra employees could elevate financial luck even more. Stay focused, plan well and consider placing the 4/9 Hotu Mirror for Business Success and Profits in the Northwest at home or office, or carry it with you for more enhancement. Display the 9 Rings Dragon Sword to boost the #9 star. Others will offer to help you learn new skills if you’d like, but you may want more independence. Try a compromise of some sort.

In love, passion runs high, bringing romantic opportunities. Single Pigs may find a new relationship from an unexpected direction, so if friends want to set you up with someone, try it. Married Pigs should be rekindling playful and satisfying pleasure – have a good time!


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