Wish-granting Peacock Mirror

Wish-granting Peacock Mirror
Wish-granting Peacock Mirror Wish-granting Peacock Mirror Wish-granting Peacock Mirror
SKU: SKU4014
Weight : 330.00g ( 0.73 lbs)
Dim: 3.875x5 in (Mirror frame) (10x13 cm)
Material: Metal

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Use the Wish-Granting Peacock Mirror to absorb harmful vibrations in your space and transform them to highly positive energy. Reflect this mirror toward a poison arrow to let is dissolve any shar chi or killing energies. When displayed in the home, it neutralizes negative energies such as jealousy, resentment, sadness and anger. The wish-granting mantra surrounding the mirror is said to actualize your desires, especially in the love relationships department. Look intently at yourself into the mirror once every day, visualize strongly of what you wish to have, and let the mirror do its magic to materialize your wishes.

Stunningly beautiful, the peacock is considered the manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth. Its mesmerizing colors and the"all seeing" "thousand eyes" look on its feather is considered to represent victory luck, and promote good luck and fame in feng shui, as well as enhance one's awareness and protection from harm.

Peacocks have been revered around the world for centuries by different cultures and religions. It possesses some of the most admired characteristics such as beauty, love, goodwill, nurturing, integrity, and incorruptibility. In history, legends, lores and myths, the Peacock symbolizes glory, nobility, royalty, spirituality, wisdom, awakening and watchfulness. Additionally, the Peacock also represents renewal, resurrection, and immortality. It's associated with Hera from Greco-Roman mythology, Kwan Yin in Buddhism and Lakshmi in Hinduism and many other.

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