Hotu Enhancer Mirror

Hotu Enhancer Mirror
Hotu Enhancer Mirror Hotu Enhancer Mirror Hotu Enhancer Mirror
SKU: SKU5090
Weight : 360.00g ( 0.79 lbs)
Dim: 3.25x2.25x5.875 in (8.3x5.5x15 cm)
Material: Metal

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In feng shui culture, the mythical Chi Lin brings the Ho Tu Cross featuring four highly auspicious combinations, each designed to activate a particular type of beneficial good luck. The combinations are:

*The 1/6 Ho Tu – for the best of intelligence when an important decision is necessary

*The 2/7 Ho Tu to attract Asset Wealth luck in investments and net worth

*The 3/8 Ho Tu for Leadership capabilities in those with powerful positions

*The 4/9 Ho Tu to attract Big Profit Luck in a commercial endeavour.

The Hotu Enchancer Mirror empowers the Hotu combination found in 3 locations this year. To fully unlock the many benefits of the Ho Tu Cross in 2020, place the Hotu Enhancer Mirror in the West to empower the 4/9 combination for big profits and success. Place in the South to trigger the 2/7 combination that brings magnified wealth luck, or display in the Northwest to activate the 3/8 combination if career improvement is what you want.

To improve and magnify your wealth, place in the South to activate the 2/7 combination.

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