2021 Fengshui Horoscope for Boar


Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2021 for Pig/Boar

Lunar Year born1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2021 (Horoscope Calendar)
Direction/DegreesNW3 (322.5 to 337.5)
PersonalityPeople under the zodiac sign of the Pig are down-to-Earth, kind and peaceful. They can keep their cool regardless of the situation. They have a talent for listening and handling whatever situation arises in the best way possible. Their loyalty and consideration for the feelings and situations of others make them a good friend, and people get along with them easily. And if the Pig gets into a problem, their friends return their help and loyalty. There is a heightened sense of responsibility about the Pig and they have a need to be personally involved in maintaining what’s right.
Careercatering, social work, lawyer, entertainer, finance manager
Romanceaffectionate, sincere
Examples of famous/infamous peopleSteven Spielberg, Billy Crystal, Emma Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, Farrah Fawcett, Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John, Ernest Hemingway, Carl G. Jung, Henry Ford, Presidents Thomas Jefferson, The 14th Dalai Lama
CompatibilitySheep, Rabbit
Secret FriendTiger
Conflict AnimalSnake

Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2021 for BoarCHINESE HOROSCOPE & FORTUNE FOR RAT 2021 - OVERVIEW

According to your Chinese astrology and Feng Shui forecast for 2021, times will be challenging for Boars in 2021. Weakened element luck keeps you from enjoying the motivation and enthusiasm you’d like and puts a damper on all aspects of your life. You’ll feel a loss of energy and confidence and must fight hard to go after any success. Keep your mind positive and you can overcome challenges. You have the benefit of supportive and loving friends and you could need them more now than ever. Talk about your problems, don’t keep them bottled up. This is the year to go with the status quo rather than trying to break out of your comfort zone. Sticking with what gives you pleasure and that you can accomplish without exhausting yourself is the best advice.



This chart brings dismal prospects for Boars in 2021. It will take all your best efforts to avoid letting this luck derail you and throw you off course for success and happiness. Very bad element luck forecasted in your life force, lung ta and spirit essence. You may begin doubting yourself and your talents. Your lack of confidence lessens your desire to work hard and you could feel you are doomed. It’s highly critical to bring in element help early on to counteract this. Metal energy is necessary to increase for your life force, while Earth energy is desperately needed for your inner essence.

You are advised to wear the Violet and Green Fluorite Crystal Pendant, Ametrine Carp Crystal Pendant, 7 Chakra Crystal Point Reiki Charm Pendant/Pendulum or Assorted Crystal Bracelet (Rounded Rectangle), and carry the "Om" Dakini Spirit Enhancing Amulet.

Because success luck is affected, your best bet is to call on the Victorious Windhorse Carrying A Jewel or Desktop Flag Of Victory, placing one in your living area and at work to enhance the possibility for victory now. Carry the Life Force Amulet with Red Windhorse & Wishgranting Mantra or Windhorse Success Amulet.



Negativity comes from the Flying Stars chart for Boars this year. At fault is the #7 Loss/Betrayal/Robbery Star in the Northwest. You’ll need to stay alert to avoid being cheated or having unscrupulous people do you harm. Even those you thought you could trust completely could be the culprits this year. A physical robbery is not out of the question, too, and it’s strongly urged that Boars steer clear of darkened or dangerous areas. Carrying the Night Spot Protection Talisman for extra protection is advised.

In your home environment, the best feng shui cure is the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn, Anti Robbery Plaque or Anti Burglary Plaque With Door Guardians, displayed in the Northwest. This protects your property from intruders and keeps you and your possessions from harm. Make sure you carry the Anti Burglary Amulet 2021 or Anti-Cheating Amulet With Kuan Kung. You can also wear the Kyanite Crystal Bracelet for its water element to weaken the #7 Burglary Star. Hang the Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet in your vehicle and stick the Anti Burglary and Violence Window Stickers (2 pieces) in your car or NW sector.

If you must take part in anything risky in business, carry the Kwan Kung On Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet to ward off shady people who want to con you into something.

With this year’s #7 influence, even black magic is a possibility. To keep this evil from reaching you, call on the "Anti-Black Magic" Medallion or 15 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain.



There is good news in the 24 Mountains chart for the Boar in 2021. To your left is the Big Auspicious Star, bringing about elevated potential for success and victory when you work hard and stay determined. Blessings are in store for you. To the right is the Small Auspicious – another indication of success though of a lesser nature. Smaller achievements can occur but don’t be discouraged. See them as the pathway to even more goodness in your future. Stay focused and enhance these possibilities by displaying the Feng Shui enhancer Six Birds Auspicious Multiplier or Big and Small Auspicious Mirror in either the Northwest or North to awaken and intensify any possibilities for good fortune. Carry also the Rat-Ox Wealth Enhancer Perfect Partnerships Keychain or Wealth Bull For Attracting Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious Keychain.

In your center is the concerning star – the Yi Duo. This star only magnifies the harm that the #7 brings and you need to use caution to a greater degree. Carrying the 28 Hums Protection Wheel Keychain or 15 Hums Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain is the wisest course of action to counteract this negativity.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckAccording to Pig's 2021 horoscope prediction, only the 38-year-old Boar need worry about their health to any great concern. It’s time to take better care of yourself. Don’t just assume a symptom is innocent – go to the doctor to avoid something serious. Watch your food, don't drink too much and make time to exercise.

Average health is in the picture for the 26 and 88-year-old Boar. While nothing tragic seems likely, it’s still a good idea to pamper yourself and treat your health as a priority to keep it that way.

Good news in matters of health is in store for the 2, 14, 50, 62 and 74-year-olds now.

For those with average or poor health forecast, you can improve your health luck in 2021 by displaying the Golden Feng Shui Bagua Wu Lou or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) in your home. Carry or wear a Feng Shui health amulet: Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection or "Good Health & Well-Being" Medallion. Hang the Yellow Liuli Feng Shui Wulou Tassel or Clear Quartz Wu Lou for Health with Bell Hanging in your car to make sure you are protected from infectious disease energies wherever you travel.

Keep the Anti-Illness Amulet Card or Buddha Vairocana Card in your wallet.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckThe 38 and 74-year-olds are looking in good shape for wealth prospects. You can grow your wealth potential and magnify its chances by displaying the Wealth Cabinet In Yellow or 8 Celestial Immortal Plaque in your main living area. Career success and luck in investments can be achieved, while some Boars even experience a windfall.

Average money luck is in store for the 62-year-old Boar. Money loss is unlikely, but so is any dramatic growth in finances.

Caution must be exercised by the 26, 60 and 86-year-olds, whose wealth luck takes a turn for the worse. Don’t take risks with money and steer clear of new investments that seem like a sure thing – they’re not. Conserve money when possible in case you need it for unexpected expenses. Do not engage in get rich quick activities.

Feng Shui products to encourage money growth and preservation of wealth luck for Boar-born with average or poor wealth luck ratings are the Hooking Abundance Mirror or 24k Gold Plated Hand-made Exquisite Wealth Ship 35gp - to be displayed on your workdesk. You can also carry a Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain, Asset Wealth Bull Talisman or wear an Ametrine Carp Crystal Pendant or Crystal Pi Yao Protection Pendant Amulet to attract money luck. Stick the Wealth Dzambala Sticker (2 pieces) near you.

Keep the Increase Your Wealth Luck Gold Talisman Card or Wealth Pi Yao Gold Talisman Card in your wallet.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Career LuckThis is the year the 14-year-old lays the groundwork for a positive educational experience. Be focused on your studies and take them seriously. Placing the Manjushri "Gau" Scholastic Success Amulet or Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success on your desk where you study encourages good exam luck. Carry the Manjushri Dhih Scholastic Amulet or Scholastic Keychain.

Lie low and stay the course is the advice for the 26-year-old Boar now. It’s not a good time to take risks whether in business or your career. Build on what you know, make plans for the future and keep the long term in your focus.

As for the 38-year-old, stress could affect you at work. Find some quiet time to decompress. Perhaps time with friends or enjoying a hobby is a way to relax you. Open yourself up to possibilities outside what you usually do. Carry a Camel 'Always Abundant' Amulet.

The 50-year-old Boar does not have career success appear magically this year. It will take hard work and determination - the old-fashioned way. Don’t blame yourself if things move slowly. Don’t let money be your only guide to career success this year. Draw happiness from other aspects of what you do.

The 62-year-old may find less interest in money and more desire to enjoy their personal life, with hobbies or interests in new directions. It may also mean you are bored at your job and need something to light a fire under you in a new way.

As for the 74-year-old Boar, this is the time to begin to fill that bucket list of yours. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do or learn, go for it. Make friends, be bold and enjoy your life. If your career excites you, fine, but if not, this is your chance to work on yourself. Displaying the Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity in your main living area encourages a long life and good health for you, while keeping you free of worrying about money.

To get ahead in your career/business using Feng Shui symbols, display a Lou Han Sitting On Dragon Tortoise or Dragon Carp Stamp for Education Success near where you work, and carry a Celestial Water Dragon Feng Shui Keychain or wear a Top Grade Super Seven Gemstone Bracelet (7.5mm) or Pietersite Crystal Bracelet (High Grade). We recommend the Supreme Five Dragons Feng Shui Golden Ball for those in commercial endeavors.



2021 Chinese Horoscope Love LuckBecause of the #7 Loss Star, Boars could feel unhappy in their love prospects this year. You could be too concerned to let loose enough to enjoy romance. This doesn’t mean love can’t be part of your life, along with support from those around you. But take it easy. Don’t worry – don’t become irritated. When you aren’t particularly looking for love, it may find you.

To bolster your love luck, consider displaying a Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love or "Rabbit in the Moon" Love Enhancer (L) in your bedroom. Wearing the Moonstone Crystal bracelet (High Grade), Obsidian Dragon and Phoenix with Bagua Pendant or Strawberry Quartz Bracelet 7mm enhances your attractiveness and likelihood of an ideal partner appearing in your life. You can also carry a 9-Tailed White Fox Love Mirror or Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit. Wear the Agate Fox Pendant for Infidelity Protection or Fox for Mesmerizing Love Pendant if your relationship is threatened.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Rabbit, Sheep & Boar or Horoscope Allies Keyring - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar is a must-have good luck charm for Boar people in the year of the OX 2021.

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Fortune and Feng Shui Forecast 2021 for Boar
Obsidian Guardian Deity Horoscope Protector Pendant for Dog & Boar
Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn
Anti-Cheating Amulet With Kuan Kung
Kwan Kung On Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet
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