Lillian Too Spiritual Feng Shui

Lillian Too Spiritual Feng Shui
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Good feng shui luck is awesome and when you successfully tap into the abundance of the COSMIC UNIVERSE, it gets even better. You can access new wealth, new love relationships, new career opportunities and new business directions that expand almost every aspect of your life. Staying safe against bad luck is equally important; how to be seriously protected against getting harmed or controlled by those who practise the black arts.

This book will raise your spiritual essence and give you new courage. It is a MUST READ for anyone who has ever felt intimidated, politicked against and made a victim of.

In this groundbreaking book, LILLIAN TOO reveals secret practices of SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI that directly address the vitally important third dimension of luck transformation; showing you how to invoke worldly gods, protectors and spirit landlords to seriously protect you and expand your good fortune.

Watching Taoist Masters perform complex blessing and cleansing rituals to dispel bad luck and getting initiated into the powerful secret traditions and mystical practices from her own Tibetan high Lamas, Lillian Too now weaves a book of magic sharing powerful MIND transforming methods, sacred mantras and mudras, creative vision and dream yoga practices and much more. These are profound, complex subjects, which she makes easy and so enticing that you simply will not stop reading...


Lillian Too Best Selling Feng Shui Author
Lillian Too - World's Best Selling Feng Shui Author

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