Feng Shui for Interiors - Lillian Too

Feng Shui for Interiors - Lillian Too
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In this new improved edition, Lillian Too offers 168 easy-to-use ways to arrange your interior spaces that will work in any modern, contemporary environment. Using powerful Taoist and compass feng shui methods, this book is full of tips on how you can activate your home in ways that are totally under your control.

There is no need for disruptive, extensive renovations to enjoy good feng shui. Learn how to instantly improve the energy of your interior spaces to attract an abundance of good fortune into your life.

Lillian Too is the world's number one selling writer on Feng Shui and its most popular advocate. The phenomenal worldwide success of her books attest to the modern day acceptance of Feng Shui as an invaluable living skill. Her Feng Shui books have been translated into 30 languages and gained her worldwide following.

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