Astrology and Feng Shui Forecast 2018 for Sheep

Astrology and Feng Shui Forecast 2018 for Sheep
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The SHEEP in 2018 benefits from very strong “lung ta”, the element energy that brings the WINDHORSE of success fortunes. This is helped by the presence of the Heavenly Star of 6 blowing very favourable winds of unexpected good fortune your way. This is a year of pleasant surprises when good news magnifies the feel-good vibes coming to you. Take advantage of your strong life force but also stay protected by wearing powerful seed syllables such as the OM or HUM pendants at all times. This ensures your weak spirit essence never succumbs to secret poison arrows. Strengthen your inner spirit by wearing amulet scarves.

It’s important to learn how to improve your feng shui luck before a new year begins. With this little 2018 Horoscope book by your side, you can easily stay up to date on your luck every month, since each month has their own advantages, challenges and characteristics. If you know ahead of time what to expect and how to navigate the situation, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

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