Fortune and Feng Shui 2014 for Dog

Fortune and Feng Shui 2014 for Dog
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What is your money luck outlook in 2014? Will you find love? Are you going to have issues with health? How about the Success Luck forecast for people born in the year of Dog? What can you expect in the year of the Wood Horse 2014?

Get the Lillian Too and Jennifer Too's Fortune and Feng Shui 2014 personalized horoscope forecast for the year of the Horse 2014 to examine your luck. Written by the world's best selling Feng Shui author Lillian Too and her daughter, this little book explains how you can identity and subdue the bad Feng Shui winds blowing your way and how to activate the good ones.

You can investigate the year's energy interactions and feng shui forces that will affect your luck in your health, love life, business, career or wealth in the coming year. The book shows the Dog-borns the influences that will make or break you, and gives you recommendations on how to be safeguarded from the inauspicious indications and fortify lucky energies in all aspirations in life.

Grab a copy today to discover how Feng Shui can help transform your life and bring wonderful benefits to the Chinese astrological sign Dog. Plenty of information inside with tips on how to make the best out of the year.

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