Antiquated Tibetan 8 Eye Dzi Bead

Antiquated Tibetan 8 Eye Dzi Bead
Antiquated Tibetan 8 Eye Dzi Bead
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Weight : 10.00g ( 0.02 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 0.375x1.25 in (1x3.2 cm)
Material: Crystal

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These 8-Eye Dzi Bead represents the 8 magical/auspicious objects of Buddha and Buddhism namely the the Mystic Knot, Conch Shell, Double Fish, Lotus, Victory Banner, Vase, Wheel and Precious Jar. The Eight magical objects bring amazing good fortune as each symbol either protects you or brings you a type of good fortune. The beholder is said to receive blessing from these treasures, along with the good will of the eight Bodhisattvas. This will serve as a defence against danger and misfortune, and will enhance both wealth luck and life luck.

This bead has a hole going through it from one end to the other. You can tie this bead as a bracelet or make it into a pendant and worn as a necklace. You can also simply keep it in your purse or bag as it is.

Dzi beads are also known as the heavenly stones by Tibetans and are powerful adornments that are believed to transform your aura. Just by wearing them, you became more attuned to the vibrations of the universe, adjusting your outlook and natural charm very subtly to attract different kinds of luck! The secret lies in the pattern your Dzi beads have.

These decorative patterns of ovals, waves, squares and dots are not ordinary “eyes” or “lines” that are drawn for esthetics! They are symbolic codified emblems that have roots from the lineage texts, and are meant to channel the presence of various deities and protectors. When one wears these Dzi beads close to the body, on the hand or around the neck as a necklace, they carry the spiritual protective essence of powerful spirit beings!

The lucky charm beads are believed to create an abundance of benefits, among which are prosperity, good fortune, health and longevity. When the beholder wears the Dzi beads, they will adorn an “invisible cloak”, protecting them against evil forces, negative energy and supernatural spirits. Diseases and untimely deaths are also said to be avoided. Dzi can be worn by anyone regardless of religion.

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