Crystal Globe with Tree of Life

Crystal Globe with Tree of Life
Crystal Globe with Tree of Life Crystal Globe with Tree of Life Crystal Globe with Tree of Life
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Dim: Dia. 3.125, Stand 2.375x2.375x1.75 (7.9 cm, 6x6x4.4 cm)
Material: Glass

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This ia a beautiful globe etched with the Tree Of Life symbol with three pairs of Birds designed for your wealth luck to grow.

The Tree of Life symbolizes the growth of new life while the birds symbolize good opportunities. The Tree of Life with Birds brings opportunities from the cosmic constellations and transforms misfortune into good luck.

In Feng Shui, there are a number of ways in which the Globe with Tree of Life can be used:

1. To increase enhance educational and examination luck, display the crystal globe in the Northeast sector of your family room.

2. When the crystal globe is placed in the location where the Mountain Star #8 resides, their abilities will be enhanced, providing recognition luck for the family members, as well as social and networking luck. In addition to this, family members will receive support from important people to develop in their studies or career. The Mountain Star #8 location can be determined from viewing the Natal Chart corresponding to your house.

3. The perfect sphere globe can bring harmony in relationships at home and at work. In rooms where fights and arguments occur, place the crystal globe – doing so will calm nerves, preventing any forms of violent outbreaks as well as tightening the bonds between everyone in the household or office.

4. Place it in the sector where the Flying Star #8 resides to further enhance its wealth bringing earth energy.

5. Display the Crystal ball on your workdesk or business premises to attract good fortune and to help your wealth luck grow strong and sturdy, like what it's inscribed on the base.

6. In the Northwest sector, the Crystal Globe with Tree of Life attract mentor luck - the luck where you get support and help from important people.

7. When the Earth energy is missing in the chart of a certain year, use this globe to remedy it to balance out the energies.

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