Tibetan Dzi Bead with Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal Bracelet

Tibetan Dzi Bead with Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal Bracelet
Tibetan Dzi Bead with Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal Bracelet
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Dim: Dia. 0.375 in, Lgth 5-10 in , Dzi 1.5 in Lgth (10mm, 12.5-25 cm, 4cm)
Material: Crystal

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Enchanting and gorgeous elastic bracelet made of silky blue Tiger's Eye beads plus the sacred Tibetan Dzi bead. The lustrous chatoyancy of Tiger's Eye never fails to impress. You can select from any of the over thirty types of  Dzi Beads to go with the bracelet. Comes with a box. Crystal will be cleansed before shipping.

The Tiger Eye, also know as African cat's-eye or crocidolite cat's-eye is a very protective stone originating from Africa. The Africans believe that it has the power to drive away negative energy, such as those which arise from the use of black magic and various traditional curses (especially when on long journeys). Roman soldiers wore tiger's eye in battle for protection. With the Tiger’s Eye by your side, you will be able to feel more calm and peaceful; this is useful for those who are plagued by stress, worries, inner inconsistencies, depression and clouded emotions. Blue Tiger's Eye also encourages you not to be so uptight about everything..

Tiger's Eye helps one to recognise his/her talents, promotes mental clarity and assists in overcoming own's fault and in resolving problems objectively. It boosts positive attitude and determination hence useful for those seeking success in their career and those with high ambitions.

In Tibetan culture dzi is known as the heavenly stone. Dzi beads come in all different shapes and sizes had have many kinds of small geometric patterns on them like squares, circles, waves and eyes. The eyes are specially believed to watch for evil and create a force of energetic protection around you as they never stop starring bad spirits right back in the face. Some describe this protective force as a “cloak” that surrounds you. Dzi beads are practical for anyone because their powers are in no way religious, they are meant to promote a good aura or life-force of a person, helping them with their energy, breath and presence.

The different patterns and numbers of eyes on the Tibetan dzi beads all have different symbolic meanings:

The types of Tibetan Dzi beads to choose from:

1 Eye DziOne Eyed Tibetan Dzi – Dzi Beads with a single eye are an icon of intelligence. They are believed to increase awareness and wisdom, creativity and analytical thinking. With a clearer mind, a sense of positivity, and newfound talents, the beholder of the One Eyed Dzi Bead will be able to climb the career ladder and achieve a greater state of success in life. 

2 Eyes DziTwo Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi beads are known as Love Stones, and symbolize just that; they can draw in everlasting love for those who are single, encourage partners to get engaged and married, as well as rejuvenate couples who are already married. Any relationships blessed with the Two Eyed Dzi Beads is said to be blessed with loyalty, harmony and bliss.

3 Eyes DziThree Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi beads are the manifestation of the Tibetan Wealth God. They are an emblem of longevity and joy, as well as abundance in affluence. For those who need some life-changing events, the Three Eyed Dzi Beads is said to provide you with good fortune luck and balance out your body’s chi.

4 Eyes DziFour Eyed Tibetan Dzi –The number of these Dzi beads is a representation of the four Bodhisattvas and the blessings they will bestow. Making use of the Four Eyed Dzi Beads is believed to help create smooth sailing for all endeavours, an enhancement in health and life quality, as well as prevention of complications in court.

5 Eyes DziFive Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi beads are a representation of the blessings from the five Wealth Gods, who are believed to provide the beholder will prosperity and affluence. It's said to help you encounter many good-willed people, with a long, wealthy life ahead of you.

6 Eyes DziSix Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi beads are believed to help you to overcome the six major obstacles in life. These are decrease in assets, being robbed, being cheated, accidents, disease and untimely death. The Six Eyed Dzi Beads is said to assist those who are seeking success in business or are attempting to climb the career ladder.

7 Eyes DziSeven Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads contain blessings from the seven different aspirations in life. These aspirations are career, wealth, wellbeing, longevity, relationships, recognition and perfection.

8 Eyes DziEight Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads are a symbol of the eight mystical treasures of Buddha and Buddhism. The beholder is believed to receive these treasures, along with the good will of the eight Bodhisattvas. This will serve as a protection against danger and misfortune, and will enhance both wealth luck and life luck.

9 Eyes DziNine Eyed Tibetan Dzi –  These Dzi Beads, the “King of all Dzis”, are the most revered and desired among all of the Dzi beads; this is because in Buddhism, the number nine is a symbol of completeness and fullness. This number is said to bring all forms of luck and benefits, some of these being augmented authority, increased income, higher status on the corporate ladder, fantastic financial gains, holy blessings and everlasting health. The Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads are believed to eliminate obstacles and allow for increase upward mobility.

10 Eyes DziTen Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads are a symbol of perfection. They are said to have the potency to revitalize chi and karma, changing bad luck to good and stimulating happiness. It's believed your intelligence and common sense will be enhanced, thus allowing for better social status and monetary gain. In addition to this, your relationships in life will be happier and of higher quality.

11 Eyes DziEleven Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads are a combination of the potent “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra and the five Dhyani Buddhas. These combined powers lead to inner peace and enlightenment, as well as safeguard against fatal forces and evil energy.

12 Eyes DziTwelve Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads help with ones self-confidence, allowing them to embrace their inner courage and break through any fears they may have. If you use the Twelve Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads, it's said to help attract influence from helpful people in your life, and be rewarded with many opportunities for self-development and monetary gain.

13 Eyes DziThirteen Eyed Tibetan Dzi –These Dzi Beads are an enhancer of harmony and tranquility, allowing the mind and body to become more balanced. Using these Beads will allow for soothing of the nerves, increased internal energy, the seeking of the path to enlightenment, as well as protection from harm.

15 Eyes DziFifteen Eyed Tibetan Dzi –These Dzi Beads will bless the beholder with an abundance of Heaven’s Luck, a very powerful form of luck which will remove obstructing obstacles and allow you to go through life without hardship.

21 Eyes DziTwenty-One Eyed Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads are as popular as the Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads – with these Beads, the beholder is said to be able to reach a beautiful state of enlightenment, creating a formation of wishes to come true, enhancing recognition and awareness, and removing hardships.

Great Personage DziBig Man Dzi – These Dzi Beads, also known as the “Great Personage Dzi Beads”, create very potent mentor luck. It's said that you will be able to draw the influence of important and helpful people, who will enable you to attain any goals in your life.

Bodhi Tree DziBodhi Dzi – These Dzi Beads, which have the ability to protect from harm and bad intentions, are seen as holy beads. Their mystical powers are said to enhance educational luck, mend emotional wounds, help to attain aspiration, and set the path to enlightenment.

Constellation DziConstellation Dzi Beads – These Dzi Beads are a strong symbol of being able to control your own life’s path and achieve all aspirations that you have. The square represent earth and circle represent heaven. The dot is said to allow for warp travel between dimensions, to attain the unlimited universal treasures. Using these Dzi Beads will enhance your inner potential and create happiness.

Dharma Cap DziDharma-Cap Dzi Beads – The words Dharma itself carries the meaning of Wisdom. On these beads are displayed the six dharma hat motifs, sometimes described as the `magic caps´. It is said that these symbols allow for elimination of ignorance, which is the root cause of all problems mankind faces. This will lead to a simpler and happier life for the beholder.

Tibetan Dorje DziDorje Dzi – These Dzi Beads will provide you with the capabilities to banish evil energy and spirits, eliminate ignorance, increase your sense of inspiration and light the path to enlightenment and nirvana.

Five Bats DziFive Bats Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads will bless the beholder with five different types of luck, these being the luck of health, success, affluence, relationships and longevity.

5 Eye Lightning DziFive-Eye Lightning Dzi – These Beads are said to be a summoner for success in many walks of life, and is very desired by Feng Shui followers. It's believed that some of its magical effects are the ability to quickly climb the career ladder, increase intelligence, enhance effects of auspicious symbols surrounding the wearer, beckoning of joyful blessings, and success in all undertaken endeavours.

Heaven and Earth DziHeaven and Earth Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads are desired because they are said to give the ability to attract and combine the luck from both Heaven, Earth and Mandkind, blessing the beholder with a life full of health, wealth and happiness.

Golden Hook DziGolden Hook Dzi Beads – These Dzi Beads, also known as ´Money Hook Dzi`, has a motif shaped in an S figure, similar to a hook. These Beads are believed to help bait good wealth luck, as well as a solid retention of current wealth. Many opportunities to excel are said to be presented, and the wearer will be blessed with comfort and happiness.

Kwan Yin DziKuan Yin Dzi – These Dzi Beads, named after the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, will bestow exactly that upon the beholder. With these Beads, you will be able to find a renewed sense of harmony and purity of the soul. You will also find the love of your life, and be provided with everlasting good fortune luck.

Sau & Fortune DziLongevity and Fortune Dzi – These Dzi Beads has the good luck symbols of the Bat and Chinese Longevity symbol, is believed to bring you good fortune, good health and defence against dangerous diseases, which are often the cause of untimely death.

Lotus DziLotus Dzi – These Dzi Beads, like the Lotus flower, are a symbol of tranquillity, sincerity, harmony and purity. Your mind, body and soul will be revitalized, and the Beads will allow you to have a higher sense of compassion and joy.

Garuda DziMythical Bird Tibetan Dzi – These Dzi Beads, also known as the “Garuda Dzi Beads”, is said to have the ability to heighten ones reputation and increase luck with fame. In addition to this, these Dzi Beads is believed to help keep you safe from malicious spirits, evil energy, disease and death.

Ruyi DziRu Yi Dzi – These Dzi Beads are believed to enhance your authority luck, allowing you to climb the career ladder and increase your income luck. You will have a stronger grip in fields such as business or politics, and be able to think with a new sense of clarity of mind.

Tiger Tooth DziTiger Tooth Dzi – These Dzi Beads boast the traits of the mighty tiger, and will bless the beholder with a sense of courage, confidence, might and perseverance. You will be able to overcome any obstacles in your path, jumping over them with ease and recovering quickly.  These Beads instil virtue, to repress negative energy and evils.  

Tortoise Shell DziTortoise Shell Dzi – These Dzi Beads bless you with a hard shell that's believed to safeguard yourself against harm and disease. It's said you will receive important support, and be blessed with health and long life.

Vajra Implement & Phurba DziVajra Implement and Phurba Dzi – These Beads are said to have the very powerful property of being able to eliminate negative energies and dissipate anger and tensions. All bad energies are said to be revitalized for the wearer of this dzis, and all sinful feelings of jealousy, ignorance and hatred are replaced with positive emotions.

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