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Faceted Rain Drop Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet

Faceted Rain Drop Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet
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Faceted Rain Drop Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet
  • SKU#: SKU3088 (Out Of Stock)
  • Weight: 45g
  • Dim: 0.3 in, Lgth 5 to 10 in
  • Material: Crystal

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This gorgeous bracelet is made of dazzling faceted rain-drop tiger's eye beads strung on a stretchy band.

The Tiger Eye, also know as African cat's-eye, chatoyant quartz or croicidolite cat's-eye is a very protective stone originating from Africa. The Africans believe that it has the power to drive away negative energy, such as those which arise from the use of black magic and various traditional curses (especially when on long journeys). Roman soldiers wore tiger's eye in battle to increase courage, vitality, physical strength and protection. With the Tiger’s Eye by your side, you will be able to feel more peaceful; this is useful for those who are plagued by inner inconsistencies, depression and clouded emotions. As it promotes energy flow in the body when worn, it's beneficial for the ill.

Tiger's Eye helps one to recognise his/her talents, promotes mental clarity and assists in overcoming own's fault, discerning the truth and in resolving problems objectively. It boosts convictions, positive attitude and determination hence useful for those seeking success in their career and those with high ambitions. Tiger-Eye is also reputed to attract money luck.

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