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Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet

Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet
Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet
Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet
Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet
Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet
  • SKU#: SKU1441
  • Weight: 50g
  • Dim: 5-10 in lgth (8mm or 10mm beads dia.)
  • Material: Crystal

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For many centuries, the bloodstone, also known as the “green jasper”, has been revered as a mystical form of magic, having the potency to eliminate any malicious forces and repress negative energy. It protects any premises from unwanted visitors, and disperses the effects of surrounding bad intentions.

This stone will reduce any bad chi within the body. This will do wonders for your body both emotionally (less anger, impatience and hostility) and mentally (creates clarity, reduces perplexity and allows for quick-thinking). Psycologically, it encourages selflessness and assists you in acting in the present moment.

In addition to this, Bloodstone will revitalize the mind, and increase both self-confidence and creativity. It will revive the life of the beholder, and allow for a better quality of living.

This crystal bracelet is elastic and available in 8mm or 10mm diameter beads, and from length of 5 inches to 10 inches. Crystal will be cleansed before shipping.

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