Purple Banded Agate Bangle

Purple Banded Agate Bangle
Purple Banded Agate Bangle Purple Banded Agate Bangle
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SKU: SKU4235
Weight : 110.00g ( 0.24 lbs)
Dim: 0.625 or 0.875 in thickness, Inner Dia. 7 in (1.5 or 2.2 cm, 18 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Absolutely gorgeous bangle made out of the strikingly beautiful purple banded agate.

Purple Agate is a calming, cooling, supportive and nurturing stone. Exuding soft, gentle and peaceful energies, it helps diffuse deep anger issues, relieves mental stress and brings peace of mind, inner stability and composure. When used to activate the throat chakra by wearing it as a pendant, this stone encourages free expression of feelings, ideas and thoughts in a tactful manner. This trait is svery important for everyone to have, whether when dealing with your customers, business partners or spouse. Considered a stone of communication, it promotes smooth discussions and increases public speaking confidence. This stone is often used in crystal healing to alleviate stuttering and other nervous speech habits.

Purple Agate also overcomes repression and suppression of feelings that derived from fear of being judged or rejected. It is also an effective protector against negative chi. Agate is used to enhances mental function by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities.

* Each piece is different and you may not get the one in the picture.

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