Star of David with Seven Crystal Balls

Star of David with Seven Crystal Balls
Star of David with Seven Crystal Balls
SKU: SKU3244
Weight : 450.00g ( 0.99 lbs)
Dim: Centre ball dia. 1.125 in (3cm), Others: 0.75 in (2cm), Base dia. 3.875x1.125 in (10x3 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful crystal enhancer featuring seven crystals balls sitting on a hexagram symbol engraved on a high quality glass base.

The Star of David crystal ball base, with the Star of David engraved within it, is said to create a constant flow of chi. The Star of David is used in many religions and traditions, some of these being Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Each religion respects this star, and reveres it for its purifying and holy properties.

There are seven crystal balls placed on this base altogether. Six crystal balls are placed at each tip of the star. In the center, there is space for one large crystal ball. This formation of crystal balls is said to encourage unity, speed up healing, as well as create good fortune for the beholder.

The seven crystals are Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Red Agate, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine and Yellow Jasper.

Rose Quartz, or the stone of love is the most highly revered and desired stone of the quartz group, due to the fact that it has positive effects of romance, love and relationship luck.

Obsidian is a stone with great power that does wonders for improving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. For those with confidence issues, such as shame or shyness, Obsidian will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way.

Red Agate will clear your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness. With Agate, one attains the power to think quickly on their feet and solve problems swiftly.

Amethyst, known as the “stone that heals”, is a semi-precious stone which has been known since ancient times to contain mystical properties of healing and spirituality. Amethyst is most well known for its healing effects. It is said to have the ability to rid the body of ailments of the mind, such as anxiety, stress or depression.

Clear Quartz is one of the most fascinating stone that will protect from many things, one being the bad intentions of those who surround you. It will disperse any negative energy from external influences arousing from jealousy or hatred, and balance it out with positive and harmonious vibes.

Aventurine is a stone of strong mystical powers of comfort that heals the heart and soul. This stone has the ability to cure mental distractions, such as anger and overworked emotions, and replace those feelings with calm and clarity.

Jasper is known as the nurturing stone which fixes ailments of the mind and emotion, and brings wholeness. When you are going through difficult phases in life, Jasper will reward you with the courage to carry on.

Here are some Feng Shui tips on the placement of this good luck symbol:

1) To enhance educational luck, display the Balls in the Northeast corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of the student’s bedroom.

2) Positioning the Crystal Balls in the Earth sector (Center) of the main family room is said to serve to improve harmony and bonds between family members.

3) To hone your study skills and create improved memory and attentiveness, placing the Crystal Balls on your work or study desk is believed to help.

4) According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector is the sector of Mentor Luck; it is for this reason that displaying Star of David Crystal Balls in this corner is said to create monetary gain and support from important people in your work life.

5) The lucky Mountain Star 8 is a great enhancer of networking luck; placing the Five Element Crystal Balls in this site of your home is believed to create for you a greater sense of popularity, as well as improve your current relationships.

6) To increase luck in the areas of love and romance, family harmony, as well as the wellbeing of the family matriarch, display the Crystal Balls in the Southwest sector (governor of Romance and Love luck, according to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula) of your bedroom or main family room. The Crystal balls will also have the most effect in the SouthWest sector, because it is of the Earth element.

7) When the Earth energy is missing in the chart of a certain year, use this ball to remedy it to balance out the energies.

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