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2016 Complete Home Feng Shui Kit

2016 Complete Home Feng Shui Kit
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Weight : 4,270.00g ( 9.41 lbs)
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Flying Star is reputed to be one of the most powerful formula in feng shui. It allows us to tap into the energy of auspicious stars to bring swiftly very positive outcome in your life's aspirations. In the period Eight (2004-2023), the five lucky Flying stars in 2016 are the #1 Victory Star, #4 Romance and Academic Star, #6 Heavenly Star, #8 Prosperity Star and #9 Future Prosperity Star.

Good feng shui often results from energizers placed in-sync with the location of annual flying stars. When these enhancers are placed accurately, good health, wealth, romance, relationship, academic and career luck will manifest!

Good Feng Shui doesn't only mean to enhance the good, but also to protect yourself and your family from negative energies and afflictions. It ensures your family and all the residents of your household are healthy, safe from harm, living in harmony, and happy. Living within the embrace of protective energy helps you prevent bad luck and clears obstacles to success.

This is a complete home protection and enhancer Feng Shui kit for year of the Monkey 2016. It comprises of feng shui must-haves in 2016 to activate and awaken the auspicious flying stars as well as to counter the inauspicious Flyings Stars of 2016, to appease Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) and to subdue the Three Killings.

This complete Home Feng Shui kit 2016 is offered at a value-buy price and comprises of the following:

Golden Feng Shui Horse with Coins
$28.88 900g
The #1 victory star graces the Southeast in the year 2016. Place a Victory Horse here to enhance success luck in business, at work, and in competitive endeavors.
Auspicious prosperity Star 8 blesses the SW sector this year. It brings wealth and money luck. Enhance its effect with this crystal balls. 9 Rings Dragon Sword
9 Rings Dragon Sword
$48.88 230g
The star #9 visits the East sector. Those who can successfully harness its luck can look forward to good future prosperity and upward mobility.
Royal Emblems Mirror
$25.88 80g
Enhance the South #6 Heaven star of your home with this Mirror to attract a helping hand from the cosmic Heaven in your undertakings.
Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf
$25.88 110g
The Romance Star visits the West in 2016. It enhances the luck for finding a partner and strengthens marital bonds. Activate with the Mandarin Ducks.
Tai Sui Plaque 2016
$43.88 250g
Place in the SW to appease the Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter
Anti Burglary Plaque
$68.88 400g
Place in South for protection against burglary, theft, con-men and blood-shed.
Longevity Knowledge Vase
$108.88 1200g
Place in the center to subdue the sickness energy that affects everyone in the household in 2016.
Display in the Northwest to overcome tension and argumentative energy in the family/office.
Place in Northeast of the house to suppress Wu Wang that brings misfortune and bad luck
Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians
Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians
$19.88 180g
Display in your South to counter Three Killings that brings three kinds of misfortunes.
Bejewelled King Gesar Of Ling
$148.88 1300g
This item is optional for $108.88 only. To boost your Windhorse luck or your Success Luck, display this on the higher part in your living room.



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