Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits

Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits
Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits
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Chung Kwei is the famous Chinese ghostbuster and a Star God of Literature whose duty is to subdue demons and also to energize scholastic luck.

During ancient times, Chung Kwei was an outstanding academic and swordsman. His goal was to become a court official, and he achieved this by excelling in imperial exams which was the main requirement to gain entrance to the bureaucracy. However, because his appearance was so ugly and repulsive, his application was rejected and he was refused his rightful honors by corrupt officials. Chung Kwei was devastated and killed himself in the Imperial palace. The emperor later found out about this incident when he fell ill and had a nightmare of a red devil wreaking havoc in the imperial palace causing massive destruction. Chung Kwei came to the rescue and exorcised the demon, whom later told his story to the emperor, in his dream. Upon waking up, the emperor was cured of his illness and feeling bad about the fate of Chung Kwei, he ordered his portrait to be painted and displayed in his palace – Chung Kwei then became known as the “God of Demon Buster”, because his face was said to scare away any evil spirits or forces in the palace. In addition to this, because of his impressive academic abilities, he was also titled the “Star God of Examinations”.

Chung Kwei is a very fierce-looking man; the fact that his eyes jut out from him face and that his beard unkempt have caused him to be seen as ugly in a conventional sense. However, he is a very powerful figure, and has the command to kill any passing evil with his mighty sword.

Because Chung Kwei will watch over anything that enters your premises, he is best placed at the main entrance of your office or home, facing outwards. If you hold a high position in your career, he will deflect betrayal and the defeat by competitors. For the common household, Chung Kwei will repress evil intentions which are the root of robberies, break-ins and intended injuries.

There are many ways in which Chung Kwei can be used to bring a better life:

1. Chung Kwei is a desired object of Chinese art because of his skilful creation and stern expression. He is best placed at the main entrance of your home or office, where he can observe and analyze anyone who enters. This will eliminate all evils and unlawfulness from entering your premises.

2. Displaying Chung Kwei at the foot of your staircase will serve to ease your mind when sleeping; he will deny permission to any evil spirits that might haunt your upstairs halls during the night.

3. The Northwest sector is known as the “Education Luck” corner, and so displaying Chung Kwei here will provide your children with enhanced educational luck, increasing their academic aptitude.

4. Many bad influences at work can affect your environment, preventing you from achieving your full potential. Placing Chung Kwei in your office will disperse this negative energy, replacing your frustration and bad luck into peace and capability.

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