Nanbu Lock Coin

Nanbu Lock Coin
Nanbu Lock Coin
SKU: SKU1657
Weight : 30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dim: 2.125x2.25 in, 6 in Lgth (5.4x5.7 cm, 15.2 cm)
Material: Metal

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Are you fighting your way out of a losing streak in your gambling affairs? This replica of an ancient lock coin is a specially designed lucky charm to enhance your gambling and speculative luck. This good luck amulet will give gamblers of all kind a better luck advantage - whether they play games or cards at online or land-based casinos, bet on sporting matches, horse racing or lotteries or invest in stock markets.

Inscribed in the center of the coin are the three Chinese characters for "an ounce of gold" and the four characters on the corners "Nan Bu Ma Shi" meaning "horse racing tracks and stock market of the South". It is tied with a red auspicious mystic knot to empower its wealth-attracting energy.

You can carry this good luck charm in your pocket or bag. You can also hang the Nanbu Lock Coin on the rear mirror of your vehicle, on your doorknob or in the Southeast Universal Wealth corner. Be creative. Place this lucky charm with your loterry tickets and share portfolios. All these will give you a better winning edge, safeguard your speculative luck and magnify your windfall luck!

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